Indian Wedding Makeup Tutorial

by - March 20, 2017

Many of you asked me to share a tutorial for this makeup look. It was my first cousin's engagement and I thought of going pink, gold, and mint. The lehenga was semi-stitched and I had to go via a long route in order to get the exact style and fit I was looking for.

Let me know if you wish to see a video of this tutorial!

- I began the makeup with moisturizing face by using my favourite pista coloured Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. I took a pea amount of it on my palms and spread it on the areas like under the eyes, near the lips, and near the nose.
-  I covered 80% of face using my darling Max Factor Liquid Illusion Foundation in the shade Sand 60. I concentrated on under the eyes area, pimple marks, and eyelids. I took care of my eyes first as I was gonna start my eye makeup next.

- After making sure my eyes were perfectly primed with moisturizer+foundation, I first took the lightest shade in the Maybelline Diamond Glow 01 eyeshadow palette and applied it right below my eyebrows to highlight the area.
- Next, I took the darkest shade from the same palette and applied it on the crease of my eyelids.
- I took matte black from Lakme Absolute Illuminating Silver eyeshadow palette and applied it on the outer corners of my eyelids.
- Followed by that, I took the golden one from my Givenchy Prisme Quatuor 4 eyeshadow palette and applied it on the middle portion.
- In the inner corners, I applied the lightest shade from the above mentioned Maybelline palette.
- I blended all the shades by using the eyeshadow brush.

- I used the Streetwear eyeliner kajal in the shade black for my upper and lower waterlines. I drew a thicker line on the outer corners of my lower waterline to make my eyes look bigger.
- For the eyeliner, I chose Mac's Pure Show; it's a gold eyeliner. The tone was not matching the rest of my eye makeup and so I had to go with the Maybelline eyeshadow palette again. I used the third shade from left and drew a line over the Mac eyeliner.
- I blended the eyeshadow and eyeliner using my fingers.

- I used the Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh mascara's thinner wand for both upper and lower lashes.
- I immediately used an eyelash curler to further curl up my lashes.
- I then used the thicker wand to add volume.

- I had to conceal the area under my eyes because my regular foundation does not have full coverage. For that, I pumped Loreal Paris True Match Ivory foundation on a sponge and applied it under my eyes in a triangular format. I dabbed the sponge to even out the colour.
- I further applied Maybelline's White Superfresh compact to set the face.

- After the eye makeup, I moved on with highlighting my cheeks using The Body Shop Honey Bronze 01 highlighter. I applied it on my cheekbones and nose.
- Later, I applied Mac's Never Say Never blush on the apples of my cheeks.

- I made sure my lips were not flaky. I had applied a little ghee before the makeup when I'd put a pack on my face. I applied Miss Claire's lip cream in the shade 24 which was the last step of my makeup look.

Do you want a video of this tutorial?


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