Black Sneaks | Outfit

by - April 03, 2017

Today's theme for the A to Z Challenge is letter B. I wanted to shoot my black sneakers since a very long time. I was too busy for the past few weeks and so I couldn't shoot. In fact, I haven't shot even one outfit in the whole of March. I was that occupied. Grabbing the opportunity, I had a photoshoot, finally.


I wanted to keep my outfit casual and as it's summer, I went with a thin, baby pink cardigan. One thing was constant, my black sneakers. Rather, I had based my outfit on the black darlings. I love sneakers and my cousin Pratik captured the outfit just perfectly.
Even the makeup was natural. I applied grey shades of eyeshadow, with a thick line of eyeliner. On the lips, I applied lip balm and dabbed some orange lip cream to make them look fuller and beautiful. All the details of outfit are towards the end of the post.


Black Racerback Tee |; Military Pants | Thane; Pink Cardigan | JocoVerve; Black Sneakers | JocoVerve; Beige Watch | Amazon Italy; White Sunglasses | JocoVerve; Sea Green Nail Polish | Streetwear


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