Goals | April 2017

by - April 08, 2017

For the letter G, I decided on my usual 'Goals' post that I publish in the first week of every new month. April has clearer and defined goals and there's not much I can think of focusing in this month.

 We have to submit our final copies by the end of April (I guess). I'm already done with 80% of it; actually, I was done with 99%, but then my guide told me that my thesis had few mistakes. I properly checked (and proof-read), and it turns out, I have lot to work on. I have to work hard and get this done. I'm seriously fed up. I can't wait for this thing to get over.

Of course. The challenge. I am glad this challenge came up because I wasn't updating my blog on a daily basis for the past couple of months. With this challenge, I'll get my imagination working again and will get ideas to start posting everyday too!

I read up an article on Facebook where a certain man had captured one photo every single day for several years until he passed away. I thought this was a great idea to keep updating my Instagram account, as I too can upload one picture depicting my day. I'm gonna start getting serious about my Instagram account; I don't want the followers, but just want to update the account on a regular basis with amazing content. 

What are your April 2017 goals?

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