November 2015 Favourites

by - December 04, 2015

Hello! The exam ended on a good note. Out of the four papers, the last one was good. The first and the second weren't up to the mark, or you can say, not up to my level. I'm hoping the examiner's level is lower than mine and he gives me good grades.

Oh boy! Finally, I'm done with the exam. Though it was a week's study and then four days of writing papers only, exam is always a pain-in-the-ass. I feel so good now--no internship, no studies, therefore no struggling to write TPCG.

So? What are my November favourites? You better read to know! (And, I just had a delicious chocolate cake, made in a mug, that too in five minutes, ONLY. I'm relishing its taste on my tongue right now, and it's so good!)

One | Studying From Videos
Oh my, my! Why didn't I think of studying from videos earlier? It's much better than studying from orange-blue PPTs! All the answers that I studied from the videos will never go out of my mind, I think.

Two | The Supplies Bucket
I like everything preppy. My bucket is just the best exam companion anyone could ever ask for!

Three | The Checklist Idea
Sorry, the first three favourites are a bit too nerdy, no? Well, I did not think I could ever do this trick in reality. It made me complete 70% of three of the subjects. It's a good idea; trust me.

Four | Diwali
Do I really need to talk on this? Is it even going to change? Diwali is the best time of the year; and it's my top favourite festival, currently! (It beat Ganesh Chaturthi...because I don't get too many holidays for this festival.)

Five | Sarees
Given a chance, I would wear a saree forever. I had worn two sarees this Diwali, and...sarees are the best Indian invention. Boo, yeah!

Six | Pune Home
Pune's bungalow is a go-to holiday home. Though there are nosy people in the neighbourhood, having fun behind the doors is what makes it a holiday home.

What were your November favourites?

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