The Changing Weather

by - December 09, 2015

I'm an absolute winter lover. I love everything about this weather--the coolness, hot coffee, hoodies, moisturizers, dried lips, and the strong perfume. Most of all, I feel festive and positive, just like I feel during Diwali and Ganpati.

As I live in Mumbai, I seldom get to enjoy winter. We don't really have winter here. The mornings and nights are sightly chilly; and if you're indoors, you hardly get any amount of coolness. Afternoons are sunny, and if one day the humidity feels like showing its power, you sweat too. Yep, that's exactly how the winters here are. It is when you have to think twice before wearing a sweater. You wear one while going to college or work, and while coming back, you almost think you are living in hell.

Nevertheless, today, I had been out with my brother and few friends to a place a bit away from the main city, i.e., in the outskirts. We felt like we were on a hill station and it was such a good feeling. The weather, I cherish, was outstanding, and I was rubbing my arms as it was cold. We had the classic cutting chai, and the evening, all in all, was a wave of happiness.

I feel like going there everyday and experience the blissful weather newly.

How the change in weather can change everything around you? You suddenly feel positive, festive, and outgoing. You either feel like meeting old friends over a cup of coffee or stay indoors and read a book. You feel happy and there are hardly any arguments or fights. You plan for trips to hill stations and about the fun you'll have on the new year's eve.

I wish Mumbai had a better weather. I wish it snowed in Mumbai.

Anyway, here's to the changing weather and here's to the wishes every Mumbaikar has..

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