How to Plan Outfits for Trips

by - December 06, 2015

Hi there, sweethearts! Now that it's winter break, I'm sure you must be planning a trip somewhere! May it be a world tour or simply visiting your granny's house, you're so pissed packing your luggage. If you tend to always miss out on something or the other from your dream outfit, this guide is gonna help you to tackle the problem.

I had used this calendar trick to plan my outfits for this year's Industrial Visit to Amritsar. I guess I had used this method earlier too, but I don't remember where I was heading to.

It's a perfect trick to ensure that you haven't missed out on anything, be it a pair of shoes, or a tube top.

You need to start from the first day, the day you are going to travel. Take your personal calendar or an agenda. Just write 'Travel Outfit' on the day you're gonna travel. The outfit needs to be travel-friendly, depending on where or how you're going.
If you are going to stay somewhere for the night, that is, the travel is not overnight, then write 'Night Outfit' next to the 'Travel Outfit' on the same date.
By doing this, you'll know that you have to keep a travel outfit aside, and pack a nightdress for when you'll sleep after reaching the destination.

You can similarly write different outfits depending on what you're gonna do for the day. To help you with this, take the itinerary, if you have one, or think of what would you do after reaching the destination.
Write 'how' you want your outfit to be, and the next step will be packing.

When you pack, don't forget to keep the undergarments too. Depending on where you'll stay or if you would get a chance to wash them, pack undergarments accordingly.

And, about the shoes and other accessories, carry your usual ones; if you require any special pair of shoes, you'll pack it automatically when you read 'DJ Night Outfit' or other special outfit.

Once you're done putting all the items of your 'outfit' in the bag, strike off the written category; in this case, strike off the words 'DJ Night Outfit'. This way, you'll know if you've packed each and every item of your outfit.

Keep on looking lovely on vacation too! Write down, and strike off!

Goodnight! I hope you had a great Sunday! x

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