April 2016 Free Printables

by - December 16, 2015

I just made Mushroom Masala, and it was brilliant! The water content was high, i.e., it was not consistent. So next time, I will keep that in mind.
Today my day was busy, but I like such busy yet lovely days. In the morning, I had to go to my college to fill next semester's university exam form. Later, I went to my former college to apply for a Transfer Certificate. Later came home, tried the new clothes that had delivered this morning, had lunch, and other domestic work. Then, I wrote a post for my college's blog. Next, I went down to meet friends and returned home at 7:45. Started to prepare the bhaaji, and then, finally, had dinner. Right now, I'm blogging. (I have to assemble the PC after this, as it is back from repair!)

So like I have told you already, my calendar for April 2016 was ready beforehand. Here it is in two themes!

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