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by - December 21, 2015

Hello! I have struggled so much to design these 130 pages and then printing them. In between this, I had to arrange the pages according to the sequence and convert these pages to a PDF. You have no idea how frustrating this arranging of papers was! Nevertheless, I'm too happy to get the final product in my hand.

I thought of selling this to those people who were in a desperate need of an agenda until today. I will write about the pages and other specifications below.

I'm too happy with the designing part, as it has black, white, hot pink, and peach in it.

This is the front and the back of the agenda. It is spiral bound and has transparent sheets to protect the front and the back pages.

Resolutions 2016: Here you can write resolutions or any goals that you've set for the year 2016. As and when you accomplish the goals, you can tick the check-box provided before the beginning of each line.
No. of Pages: 1

Personal Information: This is the second page of the agenda. You can fill this page according to the best preference. In contacts, you can mention your contact number, as well as that of your special doctor or a person who can reach anywhere in your city, no matter what.
I am thinking of writing my two brothers' numbers here, as I know they'll come to see me, no matter what.
In the 'Notes' section, you can write special requirements in case of emergency. For example, if you're an asthma patient, and God forbid, but you meet with an accident, the doctors/police/people might see this and know that you're an asthma patient and accordingly things will be set up for you.
You can also write e-mail id and the emergency numbers like Fire, Ambulance, etc.
No. of Pages: 1

Dates to Remember: I have learnt that it is very essential to remember the Birthdays. It might be 'just a day' for you, but it is the 'the' day of your someone special. If you see this, you can plan surprises well in advance and make your special people feel really special.
No. of Pages: 2

Yearly View: Here, you can view the year at a glance. Under this, you can write important things like 'Mom's Birthday', 'Project Submission!', 'Exams!', etc.
No. of Pages: 2

Month Dividers: Each month has 10 pages. To divide these pages, I have designed page dividers. Every month has a witty, feminine quote, which will be absolutely useful to kick-start the month.
As January is the first month, I have added the quote 'Work Hard; Dream Big', which is my favourite.
No. of Pages: 12

To-Do: After each month's page divider, I have provided the users with a To-Do page. This is the best way to check if all the tasks of the month are accomplished or no. Just like I make monthly goals on TPCG, you can make yours, by using this page.
No. of Pages: 12

Weekly View: Each month has 5 such weekly views. There is an ample of space provided in order to write stuff for each day. There's a space provided above to write general notes for the entire week as well.
For example, if you're going on a holiday next week, you can write 'Holiday Preps' in the general notes section.
No. of Pages: 12 x 5 = 60

Monthly View: This is the basic monthly calendar for you guys. I have also given a column in the left to write notes, in case you want to mention something important.
No. of Pages: 12 x 2 = 24

Notes: In case you want to write more for the month, I have provisions for that as well. Each month will end with a Notes page.
No. of Pages: 12

 Contacts: If your cellphone's battery is dead and you want to make an urgent call but can't, this particular page will help you. Write down the numbers of the people you frequently contact.
No. of Pages: 1

 Resolutions 2017: Finally, for the planning of the far future, I have also provided you guys with this page. You can write about those goals that you want to accomplish after one and half years.
For example, I'll be getting a PG degree in the year 2017. I can write things like 'Job at Vogue', 'Vacation to Goa', etc. in this list.
No. of Pages: 1

SIZE: A6 (10.3 x 13.8 cm)
TOTAL NO. OF PAGES: 130 (128 + Cover)
PRICE: Rs. 350 (Shipping Charges might apply depending on where you live.)

If you order in bulk, you might just get a discount! x

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