How to Take Care of White Clothes

by - December 10, 2015

White clothes are chic, comfortable, and stylish, but at the same time, too difficult to handle. You usually take care of white clothes only when they're new; as and when they start turning yellow or brown, you ignore them and they become worn out. In the end, you have to throw them away.
This is the main reason why people are scared of whites--they're too difficult to handle.

WHILE PURCHASING | Often, when you like a light coloured piece of clothing and it's on sale, you either purchase it or definitely think of purchasing. If you purchase an already yellowish top, it's gonna get worse. Therefore, you gotta buy only those whites that really are bright!

HANDLING WITH CARE | Handle these clothes with utmost care. See to it that your hands are clean and touch these clothes only when you're sure of it.

WHILE EATING | If you've worn them on dinner or lunch dates, make sure to cover your chest and lap with the napkin provided, or simply, do not spill food. Be very careful!

STORAGE | This is the main trick that I wanted to share today. I store all my light coloured clothes in plastic bags. Do you know those rectangular shaped plastic bags that come with shirts or sarees? Do not throw them. Use them to store these whites. You can keep as many light clothes as the bag can hold, and keep them aside in your closet, or with the same pile as the rest of the clothes.

WASHING | You can wash them in washing machine only if the other clothes in it are light. Or else, the best way is to keep them aside and then hand-wash them. I wash the light coloured clothes separately.

IRONING | Ironing can burn your clothes or leave some marks. Make sure to clean the iron before using, and turn off the switch and then iron in order to avoid any consequences. If you're not confident enough, give it to the laundry!

How do you take care of white coloured clothes? Any other trick?

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