Twins Day Outfit

By Rutuja Bhagwat - February 13, 2016

Me and my best friend did not want to wear ditto clothes, but similar ones. So for the Twins Day at college, out of all the outfits, we chose this. Though our classmates couldn't make out that we were dressed as twins, we knew it, and were quite happy about it. Anyway, here's our version of being Twins:

Lipstick (Me): Colorbar Rum Raisin
Price: Rs. 299

Lipstick (Amrita): Colorbar Rum Raisin
Price: Rs. 299

Top (Me): Pink and White Stripes
From: Hill Road, Bandra
Price: Rs. 200

Top (Amrita): Aeropostale Light Blue and White Stripes
From: Local Store
Price: Rs. 299 after discount

Jeans (Me): Forever 21
From: Forever 21 Showroom
Price: Rs. 699

Jeans (Amrita): Fashion Big Bazaar
From: Big Bazaar
Price: Rs. 1099 for 2 (sale)

Handbag (Me): Maroon
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 700

Handbag (Amrita): Greyish Brown
From: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Price: Rs. 400 approx

Shoes (Me): Flip Flops with Flower
From: FC Road, Pune
Price: Rs. 100

Shoes (Amrita): Bata Brown
From: Bata Showroom
Price: Rs. 699



Thank you xoxo

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