Mix & Match Outfit

by - February 12, 2016

To be honest, I'd picked this outfit in the morning, right after coming out from shower. I had not even decided to wear this. So whatever I'm wearing is totally impromptu.

In this outfit, I've just mismatched using different colours. As you can see, there's golden, pink, black, red, teal, light green, and dark green used. While going to and fro, I had removed the pink cotton jacket and the bangles. I wore them after reaching the college, as it looked weird!

Top: Black T-shirt
From: Shopper's Stop
Price: Rs. 400

Earrings: Golden Jhumke
From: Local Train
Price: Rs. 20

Blazer: Pink coloured cotton
From: Kolhapur
Price: Sister's

Pants: My mom's Salwar
From: No Idea
Price: No Idea

Shoes: Green Studded Chappals
From: Street
Price: Rs. 100

Bangles: Red-Golden
From: Local Beauty Store
Price: Rs. 60 for each coloured set

Bag: Bottle Green
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 800


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