Denim on Denim Outfit

by - February 11, 2016

Today was Denim Day in college and I wanted to do something different than the good ol' denim shirt with denim pants. So, I took a denim shirt from my brother's wardrobe and paired it with my favourite jeans. I went on to add a bold and an edgy look, and I was successful at it.

Bag: Grey Fringe
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 500

Shirt: Levi's (It's my brother's)
From: Levi's Showroom
Price: Rs. 2,500

Top: White
From: Hill Road, Bandra
Price: Rs. 100

Shoes: White Loafers
From: Carrefour, Shanghai
Price: Rs. 200

Bracelet: Silver Charm
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 90 for 6 bracelets

Ring: Fat Thumb
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 60 for 4 rings

Ring: Multi-steel
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 60 for 4 rings

Jeans: Levi's Distressed
From: Brand Factory
Price: Rs. 2,000

Glasses: Rayban Aviators
From: Local Optics
Price: Rs. 4,000


I hope you liked the outfit. As my brother's shirt was extra large, I had to tie it to my waist. I liked this outfit as it was comfy, stylish, and it also fulfilled the demand of the 'Denim Day'.

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