Shegaon | Anand Sagar

by - February 24, 2016

Anand Sagar is near the Gajanan Maharaj temple in Shegaon, Maharashtra. If ever you visit Shegaon, you must visit this place too. The place is gorgeous, and above all, it's green and clean. You're not allowed to sit on the grass that is meant only for beautifying the gardens. However, there's a part of the grass where you can eat and have a great family picnic.

The fact that there is entry fee of Rs. 50, makes the useless, random people not come often. If the park was free, you'd found cheap people loitering around, and then it would have been difficult for the care-takers to maintain the beauty of the park.

Inside it, there are green lawns, lake, children's amusement activities like slides and swings, canteen, and a mini train that takes you around the park. The entry for the train is Rs. 15, and trust me, it's worth every rupee. The train is not like the typical old, congested train, but a good, sturdy one, which accommodates adults easily. We were in it for more than 10 minutes and it had soft music playing the whole time. It's even more amazing if you try the train in monsoon, as the park would be twice greener. If you're with kids, you must definitely sit in it.

It's a nice place for couples, but don't expect any kind of privacy. It's a pleasant, green place, and both of you would get to spend some quality time together.

I'm sharing few pictures from the park, so that you get an idea:


Thank you xoxo

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