How to Reorganize your Closet

by - February 05, 2016

Remember what I'd said in the post Things to do on Sundays for a Better Week? Reorganize your closet for a better life. During the whole week, if you're late or have to go anywhere hurriedly, you often try on clothes and throw the ones you don't choose inside the closet. Though the entire closet is clean, there are few items that make your closet look messy. 
If you ignore these few 'bad' clothes that you've put hastily inside, gradually, the entire closet becomes messy. To avoid this and to avoid organizing whole of your closet, you need to 'reorganize' it from time to time; that is, you need to get rid of the bad clothes.

To reorganize, firstly, remove all the bad clothes. Fold them and keep them in different piles depending on where their place is inside the closet. Rearrange accessories or other stuff, if at all they've moved from their places. For example, my makeup box and jewellery box had moved from their places due to the bad clothes, and so I had to make them straight.
After putting back all the stuff in its place, put the piles in their places, and your closet is all set for a new day.

If you rearrange and reorganize your closet from time to time, you won't have to remove all the clothes and arrange the entire closet. It saves a lot of time, plus you always find that black pair of leggings! 

Do you reorganize your closet from time to time?

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