The Happy Playlist

by - November 02, 2015

Everybody should have a happy playlist made in their phones. Trust me, it will be like your best friend in difficult times. I have survived my bad mood or sadness all due to this list. In the next post, I'll share my playlist, but for now, I'll tell you how important having a happy playlist is. 

When we're sad or have had a breakup, we often tend to listen to sad songs. These songs, instead of lifting your mood up, tend to bring you down. You think of that bad incidence/breakup, which leads to more sadness. The best way to control the tears and energize you is the happy playlist. 

This playlist can have positive breakup songs, that is, those songs that put your ex into the bad zone and motivate you to move on or not give up; or it can have inspirational songs like The Climb by Miley Cyrus or Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys. The best kind of happy songs are the party ones. I have lot of Bollywood party songs in my playlist, and trust me, their stupid lyrics really turn my mood up. Also, the bitchy and All About the Bass kind of songs are must in this list. (When I share my playlist, you will know.)

I suggest you to make such playlists and play them accordingly. The 'playlist' function wasn't just given in your Music; you need to use it to the maximum. In my cellphone, I have 'Happy', 'Goodbye', 'Rock Metal', 'Romantic', and 'Workout' playlists saved. 

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