Good Vibes

by - November 08, 2015

No other festival has this sort of magic. Diwali is here, and suddenly the streets are bright, looking gorgeous as they're adorned with colourful lights. There are street stalls selling sparkly diyas, rangoli, stickers, lanterns, lights; and the streets are crowded, with people shopping and bargaining at the same time.
Amidst all this, there are few things common--smiles on everybody's faces, glitter in the eyes, and good vibes all around. Diwali is here, everybody!

Even at homes, people are done with making faraal, setting up lights on the window grills, setting the lantern and trying hard to fit a bulb in its hole, collecting rangoli colours, and the best--shopping clothes, gold, and mobile phones.

There are new born babies and the newly wedded women celebrating their first Diwali, there are students and working population back to their homes, and there are employees happy with their Diwali bonus.
The mightiest of all the festivals--Diwali--is here.

This year, after the first day, which is on 10th, we will go to Pune to celebrate, as it will be our first Diwali in the new bungalow. After staying there for two nights, my cousins and I will go to Kolhapur to celebrate Bhaubeej there, with our youngest cousins. On the 15th, which is a Sunday, we will be back to Pune, and then in few days, we will be back to Mumbai.
The 10th will be spent in Mumbai itself, and like every year, I will go to one of the roads to celebrate Diwali with all the youngsters of the city.

And yes, after Diwali, I'll be free, as my internship completes its tenure tomorrow. I'm happy and finally I will have some time off!

I will see you all soon, and a very Happy Diwali to you and your family! May there be a light in your lives forever! Lots of love.

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