Checklist for Completing Portion

by - November 22, 2015

Hi! I've been studying since morning 10:30 and I will go crazy in sometime. I've just taken two breaks for lunch and tea, which were very short. My exams are commencing from the 1st of December, which means I just have a week to study. I started studying since yesterday evening. I have realized how little time is left and that I must work hard to at least read once of what's there in the portion, which is absurdly vast.

For knowing if I have completed all that's there in portion and to know how much to study, I have equally divided the portion of all the subjects into days, and have made a checklist, which would act like my schedule.

For making the checklist, here are the things you'll need:

  • Tinted Sheet
  • Long Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pen
  • Different Coloured Pen

Of my Media Economics paper, our professor has given 100 questions, thankfully, with their answers. Out of those, I had studied five yesterday, which means 95 more are left. I divided 95 by seven (days), which resulted in 14 questions approximately for one day. Since morning, I have successfully finished today's quota for this subject.

Next, for Media Criticism, I have 70 questions, out of which I had studied four. So I divided 64 by seven, which accounted to 10 per day approximately. I am done with four until now, and as my cousin brother is home, I have taken a break to talk to him and write blog. He has come home to give me his 12th standard's Economics textbook, which I'll need for Media Economics paper.

Next, for Communication Theories paper, there are 22 theories, along with other general questions. Out of those, I had studied two for the internals. I divided remaining 20 by seven, and so I have to study two theories per day.

There's another paper, Reporting and Editing, which I am not gonna study before the exams start, as I had studied most of it in the first and third years of BMM. I hope this is a wise decision and that I get some more information before the exam begins.

This checklist has been a reliever. I really love it when I check a box after completing with an answer. You guys too make one, and set a schedule for yourself. And yeah, please wish me luck, as I badly need it.

Best of luck for your exams!


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