Bucket to Hold Supplies While Studying

by - November 26, 2015

If you're like me who uses tons of supplies while studying, you must really be needing a pouch or a pencil-stand to keep the supplies together. While studying, you often change your places; e.g., you sit on the PC table, then you shift on bed, then in the living room, and then in the kitchen...because, why not?
While doing so, shifting all your supplies can be difficult. To overcome this problem, I have a tip!

Use buckets like these, and keep all your supplies together. Carrying this bucket from place to place is an easy task too. (Plus, you can look at its prettiness, whenever studies seem boring!)

I have used the bucket by Pink Mud.

I have stuck two magnetic pins and then have stuck u-pins on the magnets for an easy access. I also have clipped the binder clips on the edge of the bucket, for an ease of access, again.

Here are the things inside my bucket:

  • Magnetic Pins - 2
  • U-pins - 3
  • Binder Clips - 2
  • Eraser
  • TPCG Business Card
  • Stick Notes - 2
  • Mini Notepad
  • Kailas Jeevan
  • Orange Highlighter
  • Pens - 5
  • Pink Pen
  • Pencil
  • Yellow Highlighter
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Tin Box (that consists of extra u-pins and binder clips)
  • Glasses
  • Tape
  • Glue Stick
Do ask me in the comments below if you want to know any specific detail. Also, due to exams, I might not write daily. I will be back post exams, i.e., 4th December onward.

Keep reading TPCG, and request an exam related post, if you want any!

Lots of love!

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