November 2015 Goals

by - November 01, 2015

Here is a list of my November goals-

Being Happy
The first goal for November, or the rest of my life, is to be happy. I'll cut down all the negativity and bring in happiness and joy in my life.

Right from looking pretty on all the days, to enjoying the festival, Diwali in itself is a big goal.

Enjoying with Friends and Family
Diwali marks a reunion with friends and family. Finally that my internship will get over before Diwali, I'll get some time with them.

The main goal of November is to study and finish the portion. As my finals are on 1st December and will end in the same month on 4th, I will have to start studying after Diwali. I'll use all the world's cute supplies to study. This time, my goal is to come in the Top-5, at least.

Finishing the IV Diaries & Other Posts
There are certain posts that are time-bound, and so I must finish writing them soon.

Freelancing & Events
I'm thinking of Freelancing as a writer, and also work in events, in order to earn some money. I'll start this month, or the next.

Books & Movies
I'm currently reading Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less by Jeffrey Archer. I aim to finish it and start with the Bridget Jones's Diary in this month. Also, I look forward to watching movies, especially with my cousin sisters.

To Be Better
I have to improvise TPCG, as in, its content and graphics. Lately, especially in October, I had written some really bad posts. I want to make up for it, and restart November with the old TPCG quality. Also, I've been working out at home recently; I'm gonna focus on achieving a healthy, toned body this month.

What are your November goals?

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