Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A Simple Trick for Carrying Toiletries on Trips


If you're someone who buys travel size toiletries while packing, then it's about time you switched to this trick. I used to buy those mini versions of toiletries, and then after coming back from the trip (or sometimes, before even coming back), used to lose them; they used to mysteriously disappear. I learnt this trick from a best friend a year back, but followed it this time when I was going camping.

You'll need three things and in three steps, you would be having your own kit of travel size toiletries.

  • Little plastic containers
  • Marker pen
  • Sturdy zip lock pouch (optional)
  1. Pour in toiletries in different containers
  2. With a marker, label them
  3. Lastly, put them in a sturdy zip lock pouch to avoid leakage, especially needed with products like face wash
Once the containers are empty, you just have to refill instead of putting in more money to buy stuff. My best friend had done this, and I am proud to call her a best friend ever since!

How do you carry toiletries?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mom's Birthday Special - An Episode from Her Life


Not many people know how my mom used to work and the hardships she faced, so I thought of sharing an important episode of her life on her birthday, which is today.

We used to live in Pune for few years before we shifted to Mumbai. My mom used to work in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), and used to travel from Pune to Mumbai every single day for work. Her alarm used to be set at 3:45 am every morning. She used to wake up, make food, pack food, get ready, and then dad used to go to drop her off at Pune railway station. Her Sinhagad Express used to leave at 6:05 am and the distance between my then house and the station was too much. After around four hours of travel, she used to reach Mumbai, at the CST railway station. Then from there, she used to walk to office.

After her office hours, she used to get in the 5:10 pm Deccan Queen Express that started from CST, and then again, after a four hours long journey, she used to reach Pune. Dad used to pick her up on his Caliber bike, and then after coming home, she used to start cooking dinner. And then, finally, she spent time with me and my brother.
I remember, in my first grade, I had created a breeding ground for lice in my hair. My mom used to oil, and religiously remove lice using the specially designed lice-comb after coming back from office. I was a kid, but this is one of the childhood memories I have and clearly remember.
Then after looking at my brother's homework, cleaning the mess in kitchen and the house, she used to finally sleep around 11:30 pm. 

This was her routine for four years straight. I have seen my mom's incredible strength and that's why I love her so much. The way she's struggled, just so that me and my brother stay close to my uncle and grandparents while she worked, is something only a mother can do. She inspires me and I can see myself turn into someone just like her.

You know how the "modern" girls are stereotyped now, right? Even I was someone who would be found passing her time rather than doing household chores. But since I've seen my mom's ways of keeping house clean and always looking after family, I can say that I'm certainly going in the same direction. I am seeing this change happening to me. It's beautiful...

This was one of the episodes I wanted to share, since none of you knew about it. I used to literally hold my mom's clothes to my heart and cry when I missed her. Gosh! It's heart melting! 

I'm glad we shifted to Mumbai and we got more time to spend with her. Now, she's a voluntarily retired person, and it's great to have her around. Nonetheless, she's still the same, hardworking lady, and I'm proud to have a mom like her.

I wish her a happy birthday, and pray to God that she lives for many more decades. For, I don't know a world without her, and I'm addicted to having her with me...


Sunday, 25 June 2017

One Year of Column Writing

I'm elated to announce that I have completed a year of column writing this June. I started in June 2016 and have successfully written twelve columns over the past one year. 

Shrutika, my best friend's friend's friend, had messaged me asking if I was interested in fashion writing. I had responded positively, on which, she had passed a contact number. I called on that number, and I was asked to forward my resume via email. After that, I was called for an interview, which was more like a discussion. It was for Know Your Town magazine.

Initially, they had a weekly newspaper, which they converted to a monthly magazine since June 2016. They only covered the city of Thane originally, but later expanded to cities like Nasik, Pune, Kolhapur, and Mumbai. This change happened since past few months, and I was joyous as my articles now reached to four more cities. I welcomed that change with open arms.

Also, earlier I covered shops in Thane. I know this city very well, and so it was not a problem roaming around and giving some fashion tips to my readers along. After that, since past couple of issues, they asked me to cover brands as a whole, because the magazine was circulated not just in Thane anymore, but in other cities as well. The first brand I covered was Biba, following which, I covered Sarvaangi. It was a nice experience to write about brands. I am honestly someone who cannot fangirl over anything, so writing good about someone/something is not my thing. But, I would say, I had a decent experience.

I am just overjoyed and proud of myself to have written and published twelve one-page columns. It's something I boast, and its addition to not only my professional resume but my life's resume is huge and would be influential; it would also open new doors of opportunities for me.

Here's to publishing more articles...

Friday, 23 June 2017

Vedantika Herbals Lemongrass Face Wash Review

I had emailed Vedantika Herbals saying how much I adore their products as they're all natural. They sent me two products, Lemongrass Face Wash and Skin Polishing Scrub, and I loved both. Without any further due, let's jump into the review of this aromatic face wash.

I'm impressed by the packaging. I am a fan of pump dispensers, and this product has one. Pump dispenser uplifts the class of the product. The lemon yellow colour of the wash looks refreshing and in all, the packaging is too good to ignore . The bottle is of plastic, which makes it compatible for travelling.

As the bottle has a pump dispenser, the application becomes easy. You just have to wet face, dispense a little product on your palm, make a foam, and apply.

As the face wash is lemongrass and gel-based, it removes oil and makes your skin smooth. However, you might feel your skin stretch because it sucks out the moisture along with the oil. Even on the bottle, under the directions to use, they have mentioned about applying moisturiser after the wash. Though the product makes your skin tight and dry, the face becomes smoother, which is quite rare for a gel-based face wash. This is a good quality, as it not only removes oil efficiently but also makes skin smooth. The fragrance, no doubt, is mind blowing and will energise you after a tiring day.

 - All natural
- Not too expensive
- Available online easily
- Amazing fragrance
- Removes oil
- Makes skin smooth
- Easy application
- Travel friendly

- Skin feels stretched
- Not good in winters

If you're looking for a good gel-based face wash for summers and monsoon, you should give this a try! It won't disappoint you.

WEIGHT: 100 ml
VARIANT: Lemongrass
PRICE: Rs. 185

Have you tried a lemongrass face wash before?

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Camping at Bhira & River Rafting at Kolad, Part 3 | Travelogue

Shrutika had fallen asleep, and shortly thereafter, Anurag was seen dozed off too. We tried waking them up, but they were too sleepy to bother. After few hours, Anurag woke up as he could not sleep inside the tent. He did something for better sleep.

He pulled out the cover of a tent and laid it on the ground. He then spread a bed sheet, applied some mosquito repellent on his body, and then slept on the makeshift mattress. We lied next to him as well. The remaining four of us were not sleepy at all; our eyes were heavy, but we seemed to be more of night owls. 

We then sat on the big rocks nearby. From chatting about cricket to drunken nights, we covered all possible topics. We had set alarm of 4:00 am. We thought of giving sleep another shot and went inside our respective tents at around 3:00 am. Roshan slept on the makeshift mattress; whereas, Anurag was back in his tent.

I could slightly hear the alarm ring, but I snoozed it, and then dismissed it. Later, Shrutika, who was the eldest among all and who had slept for more numbers of hours than us, tried waking us up at around 4:45 am. We had to reach the river rafting office by 8:15 am. We somehow got up, changed into new set of clothes, brushed, washed face, packed the tents, and cleaned the mess.

We went down walking with our luggage to the base village, Bhira. Anurag got the car and Roshan got his bike; meanwhile, Pratik was negotiating with the guide for fees. We paid a total of Rs. 1,000 only. Rs. 50 as the guiding fee and remaining Rs. 950 for the food. (Remember how the guide had said he would charge us Rs. 500? We paid only Rs. 50 instead!)

We called the river rafting organizers to tell them we were running late. After lot of diversions and turns, we reached the office at 8:30 am. Our organizer was Mercury Himalayan Explorations. The distance between Bhira village and their office is around 12 km. We parked our car and bike outside the office. We just carried water bottles, action camera, and few Oreo packets. We handed over our car key to the rafting guide, who kept it safely in his waterproof bag. 

We sat in a six seater and went to the starting point of the river. We met our rafting guide there. He handed us paddles, floaters, and head gear. Later, instructions were given about commands, safety, and paddling. I was a little bit nauseated; thanks to the empty stomach and an hour only sleep.

We pushed the boat in the river and started our rafting journey, which was of two hours. Anurag had fixed the action camera to his chest and we were happily rowing. None of us fell in the river, and there was no danger at all. The flow was less as it hadn't rained in two days. There were few points where the water did splash at us, but that was the only 'thrill' we experienced.

The guide also let us go in the waters, but strictly asked to hold the rope that's attached to the raft. I went in water twice. We wanted to go more, on which he said there was scope for swimming later. After almost 1.5 hours, we were given time to swim! Amrita and Shrutika didn't know to swim, but due to the floaters, they could enjoy as much as we swimmers did. It was a jolly time as there were many other rafts with us!

After say, forty five minutes, we were pulled up by our guide and then we approached the river bank. Our guide was funny as he was cracking jokes with us. We were pulling Anurag's legs, and the guide played a major role in doing this!

We reached the ending point and dragged our raft upwards, to the ground. We were tanned and tired. We then sat in a six seater and came back to their office. We paid Rs. 700 in total for the six seater ride! We girls then changed our clothes in their storage room. For lunch, we ordered rice bhaakris and pithla from a nearby hotel. The non vegetarians hogged on some chicken masala too. For desserts, we had ice cream!

We started off for coming back to Mumbai and it was time to bid Roshan a goodbye, as he was to go Goa on a solo bike ride directly. Shrutika sat with us in the car and it was good to have her with us. We played songs and then, after a three hours drive, we were back in the cement jungle! How I missed the neon green carpet and the tranquility of mind!
  • Rafting Charges - Rs. 775 (incl. tax) per head
  • Zoomcar - Rs. 3,200 (incl. petrol)
  • Guide and Food (depends on negotiation) - Rs. 1,000
  • Six Seater - Rs. 700
  • Miscellaneous Expenses - Rs. 300 per head

  • Travel - Zoomcar
  • River Rafting Organisers - Mercury Himalayan Explorations
  • Campsite - Bhira Village
  • River where did Rafting - Kundalika River
  • Location of River Rafting Activities - Kolad
  • Distance between Bhira and Kolad - 15 km approx.
  • Guide for Camping - You'll have to ask the locals after reaching Bhira village
  • Food at Campsite - Provided by the guide at Bhira village
  • Best time to visit - June end or July
  • Nearby must visit places - Devkund waterfalls and Mulshi dam
Comment below if you have any query!