Monday, 20 June 2016

Fuss-Free Breakfast Ideas

As my college has started, I concentrate a lot on breakfast. A heavy breakfast is the only key to avoid canteen food, as I have to sustain the condition of full-stomach until the end of the lecture. What I do nowadays is simple: After waking up in the morning, I drink a mug of warm water, followed by either of the two breakfast items (I'll write them below). I have my breakfast at around 6:20. During lecture, I start sensing emptiness in my stomach by 10:00 or so. I control my hunger, and after the lecture ends at 10:30, I have my lunchbox (or canteen food, if I haven't carried a lunchbox) at 10:45. After this second meal of the day, I am able to go on until 2:00 or 3:00, that's usually when I reach home, of course, after passing some time in college. I have my lunch, which is a full meal consisting of poli (roti), koshimbir (salad), bhaji, amti (dal), and sometimes rice. 

Therefore, from my above mentioned schedule, you can see how important having a heavy breakfast is. I usually have these two breakfast items alternately:

1. Milk + Cornflakes/Muesli
2. Packaged Tomato Flavoured Oats

Whenever I feel like having something sweet, I go with the number 1 option, and when something spicy (or tangy), I go with number 2. In my cornflakes/muesli, I don't add sugar, as I feel it is an unnecessary ingredient. Currently, the muesli is over, so I'm just indulging on cornflakes. I make the cornflakes in a bowl and warm the milk for 1 minute in a microwave. 
I use the Saffola Masala Oats in the flavour Peppy Tomato (I guess) and it tastes brilliant. I make it with water in a microwave and I feel like I'm a baby who is being fed on semi-liquid food!

I wanted to share my two breakfast ideas, which are totally fuss-free, and so have actually written this post. However, here are some more breakfast ideas compiled together for you.

This one's when you want to pamper yourself with a sweet overdose. Grab a bowl, add 1/4th or 1/2 the bowl with cornflakes or muesli, pour in milk, filling the entire bowl, and microwave for a minute or half. Add in chopped fruits or pour chocolate sauce all over your breakfast. You can also add crushed dry fruits.

These are really tasty, especially if you go for the spicy or tangy options than the sweet ones. All you have to do is fetch a microwave-proof bowl, add in the packaged oats, pour water, and then, yes, microwave! You can grate some cheese on top of it, if you'd like some.

Simple yet a savoury dish. Spread some butter on both the sides of bread-slices and toast them on a pan. If you have a toast-maker, that's even better! You can pour some spicy sauce on top and sprinkle oregano or chilli flakes for an added flavour!

This is my favourite type of sandwich and indeed a delicious one. Take bread-slices, take cheese slices, spread spicy (or tomato) ketchup on one side of the bread slice, and make a sandwich! You can add vegetables if you want!

For milkshake, simply add all the world's fruits (and dry-fruits) in a blender with milk and try to make it as heavy and as healthy as possible. For smoothie, try different combinations and add in water and grind. You can also use vegetables!

By omelette I mean half-fry. On a pan, break open an egg and before it thickens, sprinkle some salt, oregano, and chilli flakes. Serve it with bread-slices.

This is how oldies breakfast in India, or well, at least my grandfather used to! He used to have tea with rotis from previous night. The combo sure tastes good!

Make a tumbler or a large mug full of coffee and have it with biscuits. You can try those nutritious biscuits that have wheat, oats, etc. in them. 

What are your fuss-free breakfast ideas?

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Faces Correct & Care Cream Review

I wanted a CC or a BB cream as my old one is almost about to go extinct. I was looking out for a cream that would not make my skin produce more oil and will be non-sticky in Mumbai's disgusting heat. I also wanted a cream that would conceal the stubborn spots left behind by the pimples. Could this cream win over all my needs? Read further to know.

I loved the packaging. I've always been a fan of black coloured makeup products as I feel they look classy and so much wearable. The product comes in an extremely lightweight tube, which looks absolutely cool. The tube is pretty sturdy and the lid is somehow good-looking too.

The consistency is thinner than many CC creams and the product blends in the skin quickly. You won't feel like you've applied a cream on your face. The application is easy. Since the tube is lightweight, you can carry it around anywhere without feeling like you've added extra burden to your vanity.

It does not. I wanted a cream that would conceal spots, but this fails to do so. The spots won't be concealed, but you'll definitely get an even skin tone, which the product claims to do. 

The product does not leave extra oil after application. I'd travelled under sun in a hot afternoon, with other makeup on, and my face did not sweat. With my earlier CC cream, my face used to sweat a lot, and patting with a tissue was my only hope then. However, after applying this cream, I had to simply dab on more compact powder with a light touch of blush, and I was as good as when I'd left the home in the morning.
On top of this, it also has SPF 20, which means you don't need to apply an extra layer of sunscreen in case you hate it!

- Moisturizes
- Gives even skin tone
- Does not make face oily
- Has SPF 20
- Lightweight
- Stylish

- Does not conceal spots
- Feels more like a tinted moisturiser/sunscreen
- A bit pricey for what it does

If you're looking out to try different CC creams in order to find which is perfect for your skin, you should try this out too. This one's more for those with a good skin and an uneven skin tone. But for someone with spots, this one's not recommended. I won't go for this same product next, as I want to explore more options and find one that would be perfect for me.

WEIGHT: 35ml
PRICE: Rs.399
FROM: One of the beauty stores at Crawford Market, Mumbai

Which CC Cream do you use?

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Modern Indian | Outfit

I purposely chose 'The Modern Indian' as the title. This outfit is partly Indian and partly modern. I have worn a sleeveless red kurta as a tank t-shirt. To add to the modern look, I've tied a knot diagonally near my waist. I'm wearing stilettos, the one we usually wear along with short skirts and skin-fit dresses. My hair are left open instead of a perfectly oiled braid or a neat and tidy bun. The open hair also depicts a laid-back attitude, which can be seen from my expressions above. The golden long earrings characterise shyness, beauty, and fierceness. And the very obvious shorts represent modernisation. 

I liked the merger of the modernisation and traditionalism, as you can say, I am somehow such a person. I am a modern young woman, but I have not forgotten my roots. I would love to bring in more changes in me like broadening my mind more, accepting that people can love/believe/do according to their choices and not judge them, yet, also eager and willing to ask my mom how certain customs are carried out, or how to make puran poli and tilgul vadi for Holi and Makar Sankranti respectively. 

Now that you know the purpose behind blending together this outfit, let's get into its details.

BANGLES | Golden (Two Different Sets)
FROM | Local Beauty Store
PRICE | Rs. 120 (combined)

CLUTCH | Golden
FROM | Roadside
PRICE | Rs. 200

PRICE | Rs. 125

KURTA | Red Sleeveless
FROM | No Idea (My Sister's)
PRICE | No Idea (My Sister's)

FROM | Hill Road, Bandra
PRICE | Rs. 250

SHOES | Wellworth
PRICE | Rs. 2,595


Friday, 17 June 2016

Being a Stylist | Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot

I got my first styling assignment from my best friend, Rutuja Nagwekar, who will be seen on the silver screen by July. She's one of the actors in the upcoming Marathi movie 35% Kathavar Pass. For the Mumbai University and Maharashtra State Board, 35% is the minimum you should score in order to pass. The movie title says that some of the characters from the movie somehow could score 35% and get to the next grade. It revolves around love, friendship, and all those relate-able things collegians do. 
I'm proud of my best friend to get her first movie, which has a well-known cast. 

It was fun to style her, by mixing and matching the blouses, the ghagras, the skirt, crop tops, jewellery, and shoes. We shot in six outfits and had shortlisted around eight to nine outfits. The shoot started at around 1:00 and ended at 6:30-6:45. We had collaborated our makeup, accessories, clothes, and shoes. 

The photographer and the rest of the team were her friends too and we had a fun time shooting. Everything was arranged properly and this was my first chance to witness a professional shoot. I'm sharing few pictures from behind the scenes so that you guys get an idea about how it's done.



MODEL: Rutuja Nagwekar
LIGHTS: Tejas Pednekar
STYLIST: Rutuja Bhagwat
MAKEUP ARTIST: Rutuja Bhagwat
HAIR STYLIST: Rutuja Bhagwat and Tejas Pednekar

Do ask me if you have any doubts and I'll try my best to get to the team and clear the doubts for you.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Relaxing Music

Thanks to my brother for introducing me to this trick. Whenever I am stressed out or feeling low, I follow this trick. On YouTube, there are all sorts of videos, along with music 'videos' that apparently have no moving pictures but just a song playing in the background and few pictures for the sake of it. Sometimes, there's just music and black background.

These relaxing videos are magical. You can search something like 'relaxing music', 'relaxing music for stress relief', 'relaxing music for yoga, meditation', 'music for studies', etc. The videos are as long as four hours, but you'll get one with lesser time if you just add '1 hour' after the main search entry.

This video is my favourite and I've listened to it many times. 

For all you insomniacs, you should try listening to such music in order to get some sleep at least. I've fallen asleep due to this a great lot of times and I simply appreciate the musicians for creating such a lovely melody. The stress is gone, and your anger level comes down to zero. Give such music a try and lead a simpler, peaceful life.

Hugs and Kisses.