Friday, 22 July 2016

How to Remember Medicines' Routine + Free Medicine Schedule Printable

I didn't know how to put the title, so I settled with this one. In this post, I'm gonna write about a method I follow in order to remember medicine schedule, i.e., the dosage, time to take, etc. I visited a doc today and she prescribed a lot of medicines, that too, to consume them at different times.

This method is simple, and all you need is a marker and the doctor's prescription.

Just take the bottle or the medicine's strip, and write the dosage, with what to take, and the time slot on it. I have written something like '1 N | hot water', '2 N | 5 mins', '1/2 M | milk', etc.
Here, 1, 2, 1/2 is the dosage; N and M stand for Night and Morning respectively; and hot water and milk mean that I have to take my medicines with them respectively.

I have used this method many times and it has proven useful. I think you guys should use it too. And, if you find it difficult, there's a free printable to make things easier.

Firstly, you gotta click on the link 'DOWNLOAD' and print your very own sheet on an A4 size paper. This sheet is for an individual, but could be used for one family as well. I'll quickly explain the terms used in the printable:

NAME: This is the name of the person who is consuming medicines. 
NO.: This is the serial number of the types of medicines you'll be taking.
MEDICINE NAME: The name of the tablet/pill/syrup.
DOSAGE: You can write something like '2', which indicates taking two tablets/pills at one go. If you're taking syrup, then you can write '1/2 tsp', '1 cap', etc.
TIME SLOT: The time to take the medicine. You can write something like 'After Dinner', '5 Minutes Before Bed', etc.
NOTES: You can write a summary of number of medicines you're taking in one time slot. For example, the doctor has prescribed four tablets after dinner, so I'll write '4 After Dinner'. This space is provided for notes, where you can also write 'take with hot water', 'take with milk', etc.

This printable can be useful for the doctors to write down prescription as well. If you need a formal-looking printable, request one. All you have to do is get this printed at wholesale rate and give them to your patients.


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Incolor Matte Me Lip Cream 407 Review + Swatches

The lip cream looks classy in the glass tube. I also happened to like the fonts on the tube. But as the product is made of glass, it is brittle. The name of the brand is written on the lid with a darker impression.

This is the wand of shade 427 of same range

The application is smooth, like a cream. However, applying can be a tedious job, as in case you do a mistake, removing the lip cream becomes difficult. So it is better to use a similar shaded lipstick to draw an outline and then fill the lips with this matte lipstick.

The lip cream looks more towards red than seen in the picture. It is the perfect red, and it is matte. The lips look fantastic, however, just like it is with matte lipsticks, your lips might feel dried out. 

- Inexpensive
- Looks classy on lips
- Perfect red

- Matte, hence lips feel dry
- Matte, hence one must be careful while applying

Buy it.

PRICE: Rs.180
SHADE: 407
FROM: One of the beauty stores at Crawford Market, Mumbai

Which is your favourite matte lip cream brand?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

6 Types Of Lists You Should Make

Everybody must make following lists to have a fun-filled life:

This is one such list not just book lovers must make, but also everyone else should make. If you're not really into books, it's fine. You don't have to read those cool books that are trending, but can make a list of those books you're interested in. For example, love sports? Make a list of books on great sporting personalities. You can read autobiographies, biographies, or books on records. You can make a list of your interests and then search online for all the must-reads in that genre. Make a list of it, and start reading!

I am a person who definitely has this list. Though I don't have time to watch as much as an average young adult watches, but there are tons of movies, TV shows, and documentaries I want to watch. You also can make a list for yourself and keep a track of movies you want to watch and have watched.

This can be any local trekking spot or a country you want to badly visit. Make a list of all the cities, museums, countries you want to visit, and you'll know your next vacation spot!
This can be bizarre things. For someone like me, who does not drink or smoke, something like 'Taking a Puff' or 'Drinking Once' can be a part of this list. (Don't worry; I don't have it in mine.) You can write down weird sex fantasies, or something like going to the jail at least once. (There are people who have such things.) Make a list of all those adventurous activities you want to do once before you die.

Like I always ask you guys to make a daily to-do list, seriously, make one. You'll know how you procrastinate your tasks and how you really need to start working and making an organised schedule. Try to finish as many daily to-dos as possible.

And finally, for all the foodies out there, make a list of recipes to try and restaurants to visit. It'll be useful as you'll know where to go on your next date, along with the knowledge of how to make a Nutella Chocolate Brownie Pie too!

What kind of lists other than those mentioned above have you made?

Monday, 18 July 2016

My June 2016 Column

Remember I'd told you guys about my one-page column in the magazine Know Your Town? I'm gonna share here my columns from previous months. This is my first ever column and I'm definitely proud.

I came to know about this through a friend. I thought that since I know so much about this particular city, there was no harm in grabbing the opportunity. I write on 'shopping', and my column is titled 'Shop Talk'. I write about where you can get good stuff in Thane city.

I'm sharing my June month's column, where I've written an article on street shopping.

For July, I have written an article on 'Monsoon Makeover', where I've mentioned those places where you would find good umbrellas or waterproof makeup or waterproof watches. All you Thanekars, go and grab a copy of your own!


Saturday, 16 July 2016

How to Freshen Up Yourself During Periods

If you're like me when it comes to the pain of first days of periods, this post will be useful for you. On the first day, we girls feel so gross, so depressed, and we're literally crying in pain wishing we were boys. On this day, you become so weak and fatigued, that you have absolutely no energy to take a shower. If that's the case with you, don't worry; I have figured out a fantastic way to freshen yourself up.

On the first day, when you finally start to gain energy and also when your pain is reduced, you can follow this method to freshen up yourself without showering, but feeling as though you actually have. I know that showering during periods is the most important factor of personal hygiene, but the weakness has certainly overpowered us, and there's no way we are showering; what if we faint inside the bathroom?

That's exactly when TPCG comes to the rescue. These are the steps I actually follow, without feeling worn out at all.

I had previously mentioned about this particular trick on the blog. But for this post, I'll write it again. Baby wipes are the best kind of wipes for cleaning your vagina. They're the mildest kind of wipes out there and as they're meant for after-potty cleansing, they're obviously mild for your delicate areas too.
Grab a baby wipe and clean the vaginal and anal areas. You can use one or two wipes, depending on how dirty the areas are. Don't worry about blood sticking to your fingers, as you can wash your hands using a hand-wash later.

Once you're done cleaning, sprinkle vaginal powder down there to balance  wetness caused by wet wipes. The fragrance of the wipes and the powder will make you feel instantly fresh.

If it's one of the summer seasons, you'll feel like changing your clothes. Do that, or else, you can also skip this step. But, if you've got stains on your shorts and underwear, you'd obviously want to change them!

You don't need to necessarily detangle your hair, but just brush softly down your tresses and tie a sideward ponytail. As you'll be sleeping and resting the whole day, a back ponytail will hurt your head. So it is better to tie a ponytail sideways. By doing this, you'll get all your hair together, plus those irritating strands are off your face.

During periods, we tend to sweat a lot. Best way to feel fresh is to wash face. Take your regular cleanser and wash your face thoroughly, thus not missing out on the forehead, especially those areas near hair.

Usually, when we are about to meet the due date, we can see a pimple or two popping up on our faces. You can apply pimple-reducer creams like a toothpaste, and clear the acne before you're all set to head back to work on the second day.

Lastly, spray a mild deodorant on your armpits to feel, and smell fresh. Don't fail to spray a mild deodorant, as the heavy ones can lead you feeling nauseous, and then, throwing up. You never know what can be a good turn-off when on periods!

These are the actual steps I follow on first days of periods, when taking a shower is just a difficult thought.

What method do you follow?