Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dissertation Tips and Tricks

I've been missing in action since many days together because I was working on my final year dissertation. I was so busy that I couldn't write my blog at all. Because of these due dates and deadlines, I couldn't continue the A to Z Challenge, which I regret deeply. I seriously followed it till letter J, and then jumped on to N directly. I haven't written ever since. Last I updated my blog was on 17th April and today is 26th. Yesterday, finally, my research guide approved my 160 pages final draft and signed on the three spiral bound copies. All I have to do now is submit it in college, along with three CDs that would have soft copies of my work, and I'm done. Our viva and black book submission will be in June.

While working on dissertation, I came across many moments where I regretted not doing few clever things before. Hence, all you people still working on dissertation or are about to start it, I suggest you to follow these tips for stress-free work. (I'm gonna later be sharing tutorials on different tips from this post.)


Not just your papers, but different stuff you come across on internet that you would like to refer or use in your dissertation. For documents and other cut-outs, use one folder to stash in everything related to your dissertation. And for online articles and pictures, create a folder named dissertation and simply put everything in it--SPSS files, charts, pictures, excel sheets, word documents, PDFs, etc.

Before starting, make a mind map of important words in your dissertation title. For example, my topic is 'A Survey On The Factors That Affect The Making Of A Lifestyle Blog Post Title Appealing'. Here I would make a mind map for each word like 'lifestyle', 'lifestyle blog', 'blog post', 'blog post title', and 'appealing'. 
By doing this, you have concepts ready that would help you to later mention about them in introduction, definitions, and in review of literature chapter. If you have a detailed study, your guide won't send last minute corrections and also, more the relevant information, the better.

I'm obsessed with these two keys. Every time I type in two-three sentences, I hit Ctrl+S because saving work is important. If there are power-cuts or any other mishap, you don't wanna lose the data, do you?

Every Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 PC have a OneDrive folder where you can save your data on cloud. Once you're done working a chunk of really tough work, go to File > Save As > OneDrive > Documents. After saving the file in your OneDrive folder, repeat the steps and click on This PC instead of OneDrive. This way, your work gets saved on cloud, so no matter if your PC goes blank while working, you have your file on the cloud. If you don't have an inbuilt OneDrive option, you can download Google Drive software and similarly save your stuff. 

No matter how less you work, make sure you present your study properly at every colloquium. Colloquiums are like progress-stops where you present your progress. Many people from my class had not taken this seriously and few of them used to remain absent too. Remember, colloquiums have marks and they indirectly push you to meet the final deadline. 

Start writing these three chapters and don't forget to send your work to your guide from time to time. Apart from working towards meeting goals of colloquiums, write the first three chapters side by side. These chapters require most of the time. 

I learnt about this pretty late as I had worked on 80% of my first three chapters before finding Google Scholar out. I used to crib about how there were not many research studies related to my topic, but ever since my best friend Amrita told me about it, it's like I've found treasure. I got countless of studies related to my topic. Just make sure that you un-check the 'include patents' box, to be on the safer side.

This one's a technical tip. There are three types of indexes that people usually put in their dissertation--index for chapters and key concepts, index for charts/figures, and index for tables. Once you're done writing a 150 word long research study, creating an index is hell of a job. (You might even cry while doing it!) Best way is to follow a trick as you type, which will give you automatic index. I will write a detailed tutorial on this, but for now, I'll give a gist. For index with chapters and key concepts, your chapters are your "Heading 1", your main key concepts are "Heading 2" and other key concepts are "Heading 3". These are the 'Styles' you have to apply to respective concepts while working on your dissertation. You might not understand any of this now, but I'll share a tutorial in a day or two.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you have any other doubt, do not hesitate to ask me!


Monday, 17 April 2017

Nudes & Tans | Pinterest Outfit Inspo

For the letter N, I decided to share outfit inspiration of nude and tan shades. Some of the outfits also have other neutral shades, so it's a great post for finding outfit ideas in that shade card. Here are some various types of outfits, so you can get inspired depending on your style or season!

Also, take note, none of these pictures belong to me. They're picked with love from Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by!









Wednesday, 12 April 2017

JocoVerve Store


This post is about my online store JocoVerve. All those who are new here, JocoVerve is my Instagram and Facebook store. We sell lot of stuff offline too, when customers demand us and we try our best to get them in stock. We sell clothes, accessories like earrings, necklaces, pendants, sunglasses, rings, chokers, shoes, stationary, and other utility stuff.
If you're wondering what JocoVerve means then the word is derived from 'jocose' and 'verve'. Jocose means playful/happy and verve means spirits. So basically, JocoVerve means playful spirits. This store is owned by me and my best bud Mrudula. Both of us are students so we have shifted the priority to our studies now, since this is our exam/submission time.

We've got over 150 orders in just four months and by far, we've got more positive feedback than the negative one. We can't wait for our college life to get over so that we can finally concentrate on the store. Of late, we've been floating less of ads because we are tied up with our colleges and submissions and lot of work prior to that.

This post was to push my store to you guys, because the stuff's really good. It's a start-up and we appreciate your love and support.

Do follow the store on Instagram and on Facebook.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ice Cream | Instagram Compilation


My refrigerator currently has two flavoured ice cream boxes in it--chocolate chip flavour and cookies & cream one. I absolutely love both of them very dearly. For the letter I, I'm gonna compile all the pictures of ice cream I have ever posted on my Instagram account (and thus tease you all too). I will also share a story behind each.

We had this one at Shanghai's amusement park. This was a break from all the crazy rides. You can read the full day's diary here. It was a Sunday and I loved the way the ice cream looked on the mini cone.

Just what I had during my summer vacation! It's butterscotch and chocolate chip mix.

I had had this at someone's place, because the bowl do not belong to my house. I don't remember whose place it was though. It's butterscotch as you can see!

There's this homemade ice cream parlour in my city. The taste is so good and especially during the mango-season, the mango flavoured ice cream is a must try. I love this good old parlour! I had been here with my mom, after vegetable shopping!

This is the vanilla ice cream of McDonald's. The brown thing you see is the brownie. I was with my best friend Anurag this time.

Me, mom, and dad had been on a family trip to Daman. My brother was studying in UK those days so obviously he couldn't join us. We stayed at Hotel Sea Rock Inn and the trip was a great experience, especially because I had never been to Daman before.

This was shot a couple of days ago at my best friend Karthika's place. It's a chocolate chip flavoured ice cream.

This was the summer vacation when I was baking cookies and cakes. I had sprinkled chocolate sprinkles on top of chocolate and almond cream flavours. 

We never eat fancy sundaes. My dad got for me and brother one random evening. I was delighted by the cute packaging and the sundaes were yummy too!

When was the last time you had ice cream, and which flavour?