Sunday, 21 May 2017

Cousin's Wedding | Pictures

My cousin's wedding was on 19th May, and apart from that, there were many other days with wedding related rituals. I haven't clicked many pictures of the bride, groom, or the wedding, but many selfies and the rest of us who weren't getting married!

I'm gonna divide the pictures according to the rituals.

Before the wedding, the groom at his place and the bride at her place conduct a pooja where they make peace with the planets (grahas). It's an important ritual as nobody wants any negativity.

With Mami

We also had lunch in pangat style, where plates are arranged in rows, and guests eat together. The ladies of the house serve the guests food. If you're wondering why the quantity of each food item is so less, then that's a custom. The first serve always is little. Later on, sufficient quantity is served.

 Our haldi ceremony is less grander and much quieter than many Hindu weddings. We just invite closed ones. In this ceremony, which is before the wedding, the groom at his place and the bride at her place are applied haldi (turmeric). It is to remove any impurity from the body and as turmeric has healing power, it works both ways. The turmeric is applied by the women of the house.
The ladies come one by one and firstly apply oil, then do pooja of the bride/groom, and lastly apply turmeric.



The bride

With the sibling of the groom

My brother

My dad

My cousin and his mom

My cousin, dad, and groom's father

 The reception was on the same day, after the wedding.

My dad, mom, and brother

This ritual is done post wedding. I am a Karadhe Brahmin, but my cousin is a Kokanastha Brahmin, and this ritual is done by the Kokanasthas (known as Ko-Bras fondly). Four married Kokanastha ladies are called along with a little Kumarika (she's the one who hasn't reached her puberty yet). They perform pooja and then are given a gift (something like a water bottle, lunchbox, bag, or a similar item), rice, blouse piece, and a coconut. 
Food is served on five small pieces of banana leaves and it is then mixed by the five ladies. The mixture is later fed to cows. There are other customs to follow during this pooja too.


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Family Trip to Kolhapur and Ratnagiri


My cousin's wedding is day after tomorrow and we're all excited. My dresses are ready. The salon appointment is due on 18th. Apart from that, everything else is set, including the jewellery. 

The wedding's on 19th May, after which, we're going for a holy trip to Kolhapur and Ratnagiri in the first week of June. Initially we'd planned on going by bus, but Kolhapur is far by road. It takes around 9 hours to reach Kolhapur from Mumbai, and though it's not too far, it is definitely boring by road. So we have decided to go by flight (I'm still not 100% sure though).

My two cousins, the newly wedded couple, their parents, and their close relatives--all of us are going. Kolhapur has Ambabai temple, famously known as Mahalaxmi temple. Ambabai is my to-be sister-in-law's family God, but my cousin's family God is Lakshmi Keshav (which is in Ratnagiri). So we would be visiting both the places. Thankfully, both the places fall towards the southern parts of Maharashtra.

So my uncle said he has some vouchers for domestic flights. I'm not sure whether there is any flight route between Mumbai and Kolhapur because it was cancelled long back, but I'm still hoping they have renewed the route. Anyway, it would be great to step on Mumbai airport again. I'm missing the airport, and air travel in general. I've not sat in a plane in three years and I'm so eager, you have no idea! I absolutely miss travelling by air!

So for now, as crazy as it sounds, this is the current plan:

Mumbai airport > Kolhapur airport > Mahalaxmi temple (Kolhapur) > Ratnagiri (by bus) > Lakshmi Keshav temple (Ratnagiri) > Ratnagiri railway station > Mumbai railway station

Whew! I know it's a little too much to read now since it's summer, but I'm hoping it showers in June and won't be as hot as now. Nevertheless, we'll be travelling by air conditioned transport only, so I'm not worrying much.

Anyway, no matter how we go, I'm looking forward for this family bonding time. I've never been on a trip with my maternal family; that's why I'm really looking forward. I'll share details with you in June, when the plan is finalized or materialized! (I'll also share glimpses of what's in my bag, so stay tuned!)

Do you have any plan for June yet?

Friday, 12 May 2017

8 Habits You Should Include in Your Night Routine

Out of the habits mentioned below, I follow few. Creating a night routine does not just help you sleep better but also give you stress-free mornings. 


If you don't have enough time, just washing face with a daily facewash is fine too. I use the Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash every night to get rid of oil, makeup, and dirt. I just cannot sleep with a greasy face. No matter how sleepy I am, I wash my face.

This is one habit I try the most to follow, but fail after two-three days. For my cousin's wedding, I want pearly whites. I am currently using Himalaya Sparkling White toothpaste. For good results, I must brush twice a day, but I brush just once in the morning.
This habit not just keeps your mouth fresh and cavity-free, but also guard you off from the late-night munching!

This is for winters and if you're 30+, I guess you might have some night creams. Whatever creams you are ought to apply, apply them. Do not procrastinate. During winters, I do apply moisturizer. It's not a routine, and I apply it only when I find my skin dry.

Eye cream is a fancy word, but you know what? You can apply Kailash Jeevan too. I had written a post on how this is my favourite eye soother. If you're 30+, you might have eye creams to fight wrinkles and dark circles, but if not, Kailash Jeevan is best for a sound sleep. I have another one by Biotique that works just as well.

I don't know if this should be included in the habit-list, but it's an important task to do before hitting the bed. Visiting the loo before bed just gives you an undisturbed sleep.

If you're someone who gets less sleep or have to cook early morning, then picking outfit a night before is suggested. It not only makes your mornings stress-free but also ensure you have worn all the necessary accessories, thus keeping you stylish always. When you have so many things to do in morning, outfit is of your least concern; by following this habit, you will always look and feel beautiful.
Check all the impending tasks of the week and try to finish them the next day. Also, go through the due tasks and plan your next day accordingly. Don't forget to make lists of tasks to do!

This is yet another unmissable thing for me. I drink a glass of water after washing my face. It makes me feel better and hydrated. Even if it's monsoon, drink water, as it helps you get a fresh and a happy mind.

What would you include in this night routine?

Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to Organize Flats

If you live in an apartment with more than one person, or share your shoe cupboard with others, chances are, you might not get enough space to store your shoes. Not just space, but if you live with others and share one cupboard for shoes, you might see your shoes hastily stashed in the cupboard, thus dirtying them.

I was getting annoyed because of this problem, as no matter how pretty the shoes, they got dirtied in a day or two; the reason being other shoes. Those flip-flops and sneakers that we wear almost everyday are muddy. This mud sticks on to our gorgeous shoes, thus, making them look ordinary. If you want your extraordinary shoes to retain their charm, then the solution is this trick I've been using. This one's for my flats.

For organizing flats, all you need is a large container, plastic bags, and rubber bands.

I had this large plastic container from China. I layered magazine papers at the bottom so that the box remains clean and looks pretty too.

For organizing, just store your flats in plastic bags, the way you can see in the above picture. Make sure the prettier and delicate parts are inside the bag, in case the bag is short. You can notice my New Look flats; the gorgeous embellishment is inside the bag.
After you're done putting your flats in, just seal them up with a rubber band.

Now, you must be wondering how could I possibly remove them out and keep them back all the time. What I do is, once I'm done wearing a particular pair, I keep the pair inside the box, but not inside the plastic bag. Later, whenever I get free time, I put all the flats in their respective plastic bags. This way, while mom's keeping other footwear in, she won't keep mine, as I've already put mine inside the box before she could spot them.

Trust me, this is such a great way to organize. The flats remain dust free plus don't get damaged as well. For heels, I use plastic bags too, but since heels have heels (duh), I can't possibly store them in a box. So I've stored them above my closet, individually.

How do you store your flats? Something similar?

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Layer'r Wottagirl 'Fantasy' Body Splash Review

I was absolutely done with deodorants that finished in a month. I wanted a body splash because they are to be applied directly on skin plus are not gaseous. The first body splash I owned used to give up its fragrance in three hours, so I was a little dubious. I had purchased Layer'r Wottagirl Emerald Fusion splash, but the fragrance was not at all my type; it gave me a headache. I gave it to my mom and purchased something else for myself. 

Recently I got this 'Fantasy' fragrance under their Classic Collection, and it's enticing! I loved it and the review's gonna be positive only!


I didn't quite like the packaging, to be honest. The bottle's a transparent green with a sticker stuck. The sticker part is fine, but the designing of the brand, the name, etc. is what I didn't like. The cap is a little weak as when the bottle slipped out of my hands, the cap got a crack.

Application is easy, as the body splash has a spray nozzle.


The fragrance is refreshing, sporty, and mesmerizing. It resembles to the Adidas's Pure Game fragrance, and it is one of my favourite fragrances of all time!
The lasting power is mind blowing! I haven't owned a fragrance with that crazy lasting power. If I spray the body splash in the morning, even by night you would still get hints of it. You won't need to re-spray, and so it is highly recommended for summers and sleeveless tops!

- Amazing fragrance
- Crazy lasting power

- Packaging is not attractive
- Could be expensive for some

Without a second thought, buy it! Highly recommended from my side!

Hell, yes! My mom's using the Fresh Citrus fragrance by the same brand Layer'r Wottagirl and it's beautiful too. If I don't get a Layer'r fragrance as good as this, then I'll repurchase this one next time too. Simply perfect!

WEIGHT: 135 ml
PRICE: Rs. 225
FROM: Wellness Forever

Which is your current fragrance?