Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Travel Plans for 2017 | Goa, Gokarna, Delhi, Agra

Now that I finally have a steady income, I have planned to travel a lot. My next long trip would be to Gokarna, Karnataka, which I'm going in the first week of September. Then sometime in December, I am planning on going to Agra. I want to see the Taj Mahal, and I think it's a shame that I haven't seen it yet! People around the world come to marvel at this wonder, but even though I live in India, I haven't seen it yet.

The Taj Mahal is still a little far away for this, what's worse is that I haven't been to Delhi as well. It's funny; I have been at the Delhi airport and its railway station, but haven't stepped on its roads!

So for the Agra trip, I would take a flight to Delhi, explore a little in the capital city, and then stay at one of the hotels in Agra. I had checked for the flights yesterday and the best deal I'm getting so far is on Go Airlines. I would book the flight in a day or two before there's a hike in the price!

The itinerary is not planned yet so I cannot write much about my Agra travel trip as of now, but, yes, the Gokarna trip is definitely on. I'm leaving on the first and coming back on the 10th of September. Of course, I'm going to be sharing pictures, information, and my travelogue right on the blog (yes, I would be carrying my laptop there), so you won't miss out on anything.

The reason why this Gokarna trip is going to be phenomenal is that it's going to be a backpacking trip. We're just going to book a hotel for one night, and that too, because we would be reaching our destination by midnight. The plan as of now looks like this:

Mumbai > Malvan (one night) > Goa (three nights) > Gokarna (four nights) > Mumbai

And what's even better is that we are going there to explore and not to visit any tourist attraction. So it's going to be a crazy backpacking trip! Are you wondering whom I'm going there with? It's with my colleagues!

So I'm really excited for both the trips. But before that, there's Ganesh Chaturthi, and like every year, I would be celebrating it in Pune. That's what the rest of my 2017 looks like. I would share the details of my Agra trip once there is a structured itinerary, so stay tuned for that.

I hope your rest of 2017 is as wanderlusty as mine. Comment below if you want to know what I'm carrying to my beach-exclusive backpacking trip to Goa and Gokarna!

What are your travel plans for 2017?

Monday, 21 August 2017

Vanavidhi Coconut Thai Spa Face Wash | Review

 I think I was too fortunate to come across this Vanavidhi Coconut Thai Spa face wash. I had received this sample in my Reverie Feel Box. It's hard to tell what I loved the most about it because honestly, I rate it a 5/5.

Vanavidhi is a brand of luxurious organic products. I would review their Green Tea Spa Darjeeling Mild Brew scrub soon, so stay tuned for that. But for now, let's swim across the review of their coconut natural face wash.


The packaging of this sample bottle gives a rich look to the product. The cap is golden and the bottle is transparent; both of it are of plastic. The best thing about this bottle is the reusability; we can reuse the bottle once the product is over. This is a perfect travel sized bottle, so filling it with your daily essentials like face wash or lotion would make it an ideal travel buddy.
The brand name is embossed in gold, which just uplifts the product packaging.


The application is simple. Just take a little amount of the product on your palm, put some water, make a foam, and apply on the face! 


I haven't used a face wash this delicate on skin. The fragrance of the coconuts takes you on a dreamy tropical tour. The skin becomes so smooth, and along with bringing a healthy glow to the face, all the makeup, dirt, and oil is washed away too. 


- High-grade fragrance
- Super cleansing
- Travel-friendly (because it's a sample)
- Classy packaging
- Unbelievably smooth skin
- Beautiful glow


- Expensive


Highly recommended! By far the best face wash I have used. It gives a rich cleansing that leaves behind a soft supple skin with a baby-like glow. If ever I increase my budget, I'm sure to purchase this. I use it usually when I have a long day with makeup on the face. It magically takes away all the dirt. I'm in utter love with it and use it only on special occasions. If your skin requires some pick-me-up from time to time, then this product is worth every penny.


WEIGHT: 30ml
PRICE: Rs. 990 for 100ml

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Monroe Smile Ft. Accessory Funk | Outfit, Makeup

The Accessory Funk team sent me these stunning bracelets. I was looking for chic bracelets since a long time. I was stunned at seeing these; it was like love at first sight!

The sea blue colour coupled with the intricate design makes it a perfect accessory. You can pair it with simply any outfit, may it be a summer dress or a loose tunic, it's crazy how this bracelet goes well with anything. I wear it daily and my naked wrists look so, so put-together!

Since after work hours, there is no good light, I had to wait for the weekend for this photo shoot. However, unfortunately, it was raining like cats and dogs, so I had to shoot on my terrace. The lighting was bad but I'm happy the way the shots have turned out.

This shoot is concentrating more on the bracelet, the makeup, and my new haircut. 

Bracelets | Accessory Funk; Top | UpTown 18; Pants | From Street; Flats | Sweetcouch; Lipstick | Miss Claire; Eyeliner | Max Factor; Highlight, Contour, Blush | Focallure; Eyeshadow | Givenchy

Friday, 18 August 2017

My Experience of Using a Tampon for the First Time

This is going to be a hilarious post. The first-time experiences are always funny! 

The Bella team was kind enough to send me their products for trial. I was happy to receive them. So when I was opening the box and taking out all the products they'd sent me, I came across a crazy (controversial?) pack of tampons. Since tampons are to be inserted in the vaginas, they are kind of a big deal, at least I think they are. 

I was excited to try them out and so were my girlfriends. None of them has ever worn a tampon so this was like an experiment for the whole lot! I was waiting for my period and finally, since it was the third day yesterday, I thought of trying it out.

I didn't want to risk any spills or awkwardness while in office, so I waited until I got home. I went through the pamphlet and read the instructions. I removed the old pad from my underwear, lied down on the bed, and accordingly inserted the tampon. 

It didn't fully go in, but thanks to my athletic body (I was an athlete in school), I could push at least three-fourth of it in. The thread and a quarter of tampon was still out. I didn't push it further because it was causing me pain. 

Here I was, finally with a tampon inside my body! There were few things I experienced in the 1.5 hours of wearing a tampon:

1. It constantly felt like there was something inside my vagina, I could not take those thoughts away. It felt like there was a bar or something. Seriously, it was very awkward down there!
2. I was in pain; it was sort of burning.
3. After 1.5 hours, when I visited the loo, the tampon came out; only a quarter of it was still inside the vagina. Also, it became full wet due to the urine. Gross!
4. I could not sit straight. I was relaxed only if I leant back a little. Sitting upright brought an immense amount of pain along.
5. I couldn't walk! I had to spread my legs and walk in a weird way, probably the way clowns walk.
6. The only thing I could comfortably do was lay my body on the bed. Yes, the sleeping position literally saved me for those 1.5 hours.
7. Lastly, I would say, it is easy to wear a tampon, no doubt, but it needs to fully go in. And, once you put it in, you will constantly feel like there's something inside!

This is what I experienced and oh God, was it phenomenal! I had worn a tampon at 9:00 pm and took it out (thanks to the loo break) at 10:30 pm. Those were few insane hours of my life! 


Yes, I would. The Bella team had sent me a pack of eight tampons, so I think until all of them are used up, I won't stop trying. I want to try again, and the next time I try, I would do it in a different position. I still have seven trials left, so I needn't worry at the very first go.

Have you worn a tampon before? How was your experience?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to Eat at Your Work Desk in a Sophisticated Way!

Some offices have a canteen, whereas some don't. I have worked at big places like Vogue India, Zoom TV, and ET Now, out of which, the former did not have a separate canteen and the latter two did have one. Even if your workplace has a canteen, there are times when you feel like not leaving your desk area and eating right at it. The office desk is like a comfort zone that we build; everything around it is warm and feels like our second home. 

So if you eat lunch at your desk, you might have been super conscious to eat around your colleagues. You might have feared spilling dal or might have wondered how to instantly clean your hands without letting the world know you've just had something greasy. I also used to face such problems before, but now I have a great tip for all those who eat at their desk!

I would share my procedure so that you get an idea of how to eat at your work place in a much-sophisticated way.

1.  I make space for my lunch by shifting the keyboard and mouse towards the desktop.
2. I wash my hands in the wash basin to ensure my hands are free of germs.
3. I always have a bunch of tissues in my bag. So I take one tissue and lay it open on my desk.
4. Then, I place the lunchboxes on the tissue, while carefully placing the lids on the non-tissue are of my desk, thus ensuring I don't spill the gravy off the lid. 
5. After I'm done eating, I crush the aluminium foil (in which I carry rotis) and throw the foil in one of the lunchboxes. 
6. Later, I carefully place the lunchboxes aside, pick up the tissue, wipe my hands, wipe drops on the desk or the lunchbox (if there are any), crush the tissue, and throw it in the lunch box along with the aluminium foil. (If a dustbin is right near your legs, then you can throw the tissue and foil in it, but if it's far away, then throw it in your lunchbox.)
7. Lastly, I wash my hands in the wash basin so that I feel purified to work again. 

This is such a fuss-free, sophisticated procedure, that no matter the amount of liquid you're carrying, the desk still remains neat and tidy, plus your colleagues around notice how well-bred you are!

What are your tricks?