Friday, 24 February 2017

Why Do You Blame Women Only?

Why is it always that when anything happens, people blame the girls? When anything related to marriage, divorce, relationships, pregnancy, rape, etc. comes up, why is the blame always shifted on the women? What about the men?

I happened to get wind of this particular story, where I learnt that a young married couple has given each other a notice of divorce. On that, the person who was telling me this story later sighed, saying "Girls these days are horrible."
Girls?! Hello?! What if the man has had an extramarital affair or harassed her to have sex or didn't allow her to chase her dreams or forced her to cook/clean? You fucking don't know what the matter is, you don't know the reason behind their divorce, and yet you accuse the girl? Wow! I salute your petty mentality.

Why? I don't understand why do people always blame women? The other day I was talking to an older relative in my house, and I was telling how a certain boy has had affairs with lot of girls. On that, the relative said that girls should know what kind of boy he is; they see money and go behind him. Why girls? What about that boy? His character wasn't accused? Why only girls? What about him? He cheats and double dates and breaks up with girls, but the relative didn't say a word against him. Instead, how girls should carefully judge a boy was advised to me. Huh?

What kind of a fucking shitty world we're living in? With people having such shitty mentality and such disgusting attitude towards women. You assholes, have you forgotten you have sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters that are all women? And you other bunch of stupid cowards, you have forgotten that you yourself are a woman.

Don't let these petty, nonsensical, patriarchal thoughts dominate you. Use your brain and think about the issue.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How I Stay Organized Using My Planner

Finally a video on my planner organization. I was planning on one since long and I'm glad that it's here, at last!

Check out my planner organization video and in case you have doubts, let me know in the comments below:


Friday, 17 February 2017

10 'Not So Cheesy' Heart Wallpapers

If you're like me, who absolutely loves hearts, then you might be struggling for such wallpapers. As soon as you type 'heart wallpapers' in the search bar, you come across those cheesy, annoyingly ugly graphics. I went deep into the results, and selected few 'not so cheesy' desktop wallpapers. So here's the set of your lovey-lovey wallpapers...because it's the month of love!



Psst! All the pictures are taken from Google and are not mine. I've just compiled these gorgeous wallpapers together.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Streetwear Eyeliner Kajal | Review, Swatches

I searched for its picture/review online, but there's no such product seen anywhere. I guess this is a newly launched and not a single beauty blogger know about the launch, it seems. I wanted a good kajal in less price, which I got in the name of Streetwear Eyeliner Kajal. The introductory offer has ₹11 off, so the cost is affordable to any girl out there! Read further for a detailed review:

The eyeliner kajal comes in a stick, where you rotate the bottom to get the product out gradually. The stick is black with silver fonts embossed on it. Overall, it's a good looking product.

The application is smooth. With one stroke, the colour is a bit less intense, however, after one stroke with pressure, or two strokes, the colour looks just like any other kajal in the market (which is definitely pleasing). The line, as you see in the picture, is not sleek, but is not too thick either. It's a perfect product for everyday eye makeup (especially for college students). It lasts for enough time, so no worries.

- Inexpensive
- Smooth
- Does not smudge
- Perfect for everyday use
- Waterproof

- No talks about it anywhere yet

 Yes, just hoping the introductory ₹11 off stays for few more months!

 If you're getting a standard kajal pencil for little less, why won't you buy this one?

WEIGHT: 0.30 g
SHADE: Kohl Black
PRICE: ₹140
FROM: Local Beauty Store

Which is your favourite kajal?

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Mom Dad's 30th Anniversary Getaway Plan

14th February for the world is Valentine's Day, but for my parents, it's their wedding anniversary. This year, they completed 30 years of married life and I'm so lucky to have them. I was watching this episode from the 8th season of Friends yesterday, where Ross gives a toast to his parents on their wedding anniversary saying, "If in 35 years, we're half as happy as you guys are, we'll count ourselves as the luckiest people in the world."

To celebrate their anniversary, we sent them away to Matheran, which is one of the prettiest hill stations around. If you see my history right now, you'd only find Matheran resorts everywhere! The place is not even that far and makes for an excellent getaway at a very short notice!

However, my parents were at Aurangabad for some family related work before that, so they would be flying from Aurangabad airport to Mumbai and then from there to Matheran by road. It'd be a crazy trip, but whatever, their married life has been crazier!

They're flying by Delta Airlineswhich had the best deal around that time. In case you're wondering if me and my brother are with them, then you're wrong, we've strategically said them no! My mom wouldn't leave us "alone", but I convinced her that I can cook and take care of the house.

They have another couple with them, which they'd met 30 years ago on their respective honeymoons. Thirty years of friendship--something almost unimaginable for the present generation! Damn, so good, I can almost sense the thrill of having closed ones around!

How are you celebrating your Valentine's?