Thursday, 8 December 2016

Fitness Routine | December 2016

I was getting ready for gym today and thought about sharing my routine with you guys. This post will talk about things I do before hitting the gym, while I'm at the gym, and post-gym time. It's not a serious routine, but just few things I really do.

Green tea
I drink green tea 30 minutes to one hour after lunch. It usually is around 3:00 pm when I remember I have to sip my tea. I really think that green tea makes wonders. If you drink too much of it, then it might bring in some side effects, but otherwise, if you drink only once per day, then I don't see how it can be bad. My current green tea is the Lipton loose leaves.

Light snacks
For instant energy, I either have almonds or a banana. (I had read a splendid post on this one. If I ever find it, I'll definitely share it with you guys.)

Packing bag
I take out previous day's hand towel and socks from the bag and replace them with new. I usually pick matching socks and towel. I fill my sipper with water and keep it in the bag too.

I start by stretching. I either do Surya Namaskar six times (it is done 12 times usually) or some other stretching exercises.

I follow with short jumps (150 counts) and other jumping exercises. My heart is usually beating faster after this.

Arm exercises
To slow down my heartbeat rate, I do around 12 different types of arm exercises. As my arms have the tendency to attract fats the most, I cannot not do the arm exercises.

Floor exercises (instructed by gym instructor)
Our gym has a friendly instructor who exercises with us. Each day of the week we have particular type of exercises; for example, stomach exercises, mirror exercises, leg exercises, aerobics, aerobics plank, cardio, etc. Today we had cardio. Due to this variation of exercises, our bodies don't get used to any specific workout and so if we ever stop coming to the gym, we won't gain weight faster.

Sit ups
If the Exercises of the Day is not stomach, then I do 30 sit-ups at one go. If I've already worked on my stomach in the Exercises of the Day, I skip stomach. 

I don't squat much as if I do more of it, my bum becomes stiffer and big. So I squat just 10 times to build a strong lower back and monkey bone (while also building round butt cheeks).

Waist rotation
To get rid of bulge near my waist, I rotate my waist 15 times clock-wise and then 15 times anti-clock-wise.

Drinking water
My water-aim is to finish my sipper before going home. So unless and until I don't empty it, I don't leave.

I have some snack depending on how hungry and how much energy deprived I am. Usually, if I have college in the morning, I don't have much strength left in me, so I have to have larger amount of meal. I settle down with a banana mostly and that works.

What's your fitness routine?

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

21 Daily Habits to Follow in 2017 + Free Daily Habits Tracker Printable

I think the only workable resolution for the new year would be following these daily habits. We all want to be a better person and get more out of each day. Following these habits everyday will keep you healthy, wealthy, and happy.

Complementing yourself each day
Complement yourself each day, no matter if you have a bad hair day. Just bring out the brighter side of you each day. You're beautiful, smart, and kind.

Visiting the loo every morning
I thought to write a post on this topic due to this particular reason. Due to my early morning college, I don't have time to go to potty. So from the next year, visiting washroom everyday in the morning should be a daily habit.

Washing face before sleeping
Even though you were home the whole day, wash your face. Take off the makeup, oils, and what-not.

Drinking 10 glasses of water each day
I had heard about the eight-glasses per day tip, but I say drink 10 of them. The more the water you drink, the better the skin, hair, and overall health.

Concentrating on the positive aspects of the problems each day
For example, if your boss scolded you today, concentrate on how you are visible to him/her. Take this opportunity and learn more. You never know if you end up being liked by your boss. Ask questions and execute the tasks properly.

Being thankful (to respective people/situations) every night before sleeping
My sister does this. Every night, when she's on the bed, she joins her hands and thanks God for all the things she's got. She also prays for persons who are caught up in some situations (like when my granny was hospitalized). I think it is a great habit to connect with God.

Trying to cut down expenses
If you know that you can walk down instead of wasting 18 rupees on an auto drive, just walk! Try to save as much as possible every day. However, don't be a miser!

Exercising (or other physical activity) every day
If some day you fail to exercise or go to the gym, indulge in some other physical activity. Walk from station to home, or play with kids in your society.

Writing something down in your diary every day
Even if you were super busy and had no time to write anything down, I suggest you to write something. You can just write few words like "date night", "first day", "haircut", etc.

Drinking green tea
Drink green tea everyday half-hour after lunch. If you have a 9-to-5 job, then keep some leaves/bags in your office and sip!

Consuming proteins (one small bowl minimum) every day
If you're working out, protein intake is must. Have a minimum of one small bowl every day. Of course, you can consult a dietitian for required quantity according to your lifestyle.

Brushing teeth twice a day
You must, honey.

Trying to read minimum three pages of a book every day
It often happens that we are so busy, we usually skip reading. As a part of daily habit, read at least three pages everyday.

Writing down to-do lists in the night & checking them in morning
My brother does this. Make to-do list each night for the next day. Follow-up every morning to know your tasks and work upon them.

Waking up early
Wake up by 8:00 am. You have no idea how much you can get done, plus mornings can be beautiful!

Cutting off gadgets 30 minutes before sleeping
I'd read it somewhere that you should keep your gadgets aside for 30 minutes before sleeping. If you don't, then it's only gonna harm your brain eventually.

Making bed before leaving the house
Often, we just leave the house without cleaning. If you don't have much time in the mornings, at least make bed, so that when you come home tired, you can lay off your body.

De-cluttering desk everyday
Don't clean everyday, but you can at least keep stuff on their places and de-clutter your desk. Before leaving office, you can organize the mess, so that the new day will start positively.

De-cluttering room everyday
Just keep stuff on its place every night before hitting the bed.

Eating homemade food at least once every day
For those of you who live away from home, I know how difficult life can get. But, cook small meals for yourself and make sure to eat homemade meal at least once every day.

Finishing off homework/office work on the assigned day
And finally, if you have something due for today, do it.

Download here

What would you add to the list?

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

What's happening to me?

Let me put a warning before you start reading: This post might come off as a negative one. Therefore, if you are happy right now, I recommend you to just leave and come back tomorrow for a gleeful post. And if you're already feeling low in life, you're welcome.

Since a month, I am not really happy. You know what the meaning of happiness is, right? I'm not feeling that precisely. I have temporary happiness like the orgasmic experience after having a loaded cheese pizza or when the selfies come right. But the always-positive, always-happy me? Well, I ain't feeling myself right now. 

I feel it's all a mess. There's chaos in my mind and I'm looking for peace. I have million things to do, but do not have much time to execute. When I feel like I'm doing great blogging-wise, I feel fat standing in front of the mirror. When I feel like my Instagram account is improving, I remember I have something highly important to submit on this 8th. I am confused between what exactly I want to do ahead. I have plans in my head, but no mental strength to put those in effect. And then again, I feel fat. I am constantly slouching and always out-of-energy. I'm turning out to be a pessimist. 
I'm sure my friends have observed this negative change. I'm cribbing, complaining, criticizing...

Well, we have a research based dissertation this semester and the first colloquium is on the 8th. Everybody from the class is ready with topic(s) and running behind the professors. On the contrary, I have just revised one topic in my head. No tangible account of what I've thought about. I just don't feel like it, you know? I don't feel like writing down anything. 

I want a big break. I'm tired of slouching, tired of feeling sick. I want this education to get done and then I just want to relax and not have any parallel stuff to worry about. Whew, life has become difficult...

What else? How are you?

Monday, 5 December 2016

Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas for Fun Days | January 2017

I thought of rounding up all the wacky days observed (particularly in USA). The days are as crazy as 'National Blame Someone Else Day' and 'Thank God It's Monday Day'. It's not essential for you to be a citizen or resident of USA to write on any of these topics. It's a fun activity as you can write on so many topics related to these fun days.
Many times it happens that we're totally out of topic. You can then use this list of ideas and grab the eyeballs of your readers!

Hangover Day
- Your hangover story, particularly of 2017
- A story on when you first experienced a hangover
- Other crazy hangover stories you know of
- Things you do when you are hungover
- Share your embarrassing pictures or videos of your drunk nights

New Year's Day
- New Year memories
- Describe 2017 New Year--what you did, where you went, etc.
- Pictures from your New Year's celebration
- Old pictures from your New Year's celebrations

Thank God It's Monday Day
- Explain how Monday could be a good day
- Motivational Monday quotes
- Monday work outfits
- Monday makeup looks
- Your desk on a Monday morning

Drinking Straw Day
- Round up of all Instagram pictures that has drinking straws
- Publish a vlog of you sipping all the edible liquids by a straw; for example, drinking dal, soup, sambar, etc. using a straw

Bird Day
- Share any bird related story
- If you have a bird as pet, tell your readers about it
- Pictures of all the cool things you have with bird(s) as the main design

Cuddle Up Day
- Pictures of you cuddling with your partner and a behind-the-scenes story--who shot the pictures, was your husband/boyfriend/fiance ready to get clicked, etc.
- Your favourite person/thing to cuddle up to, and a story about how this relationship developed; for example, if your cuddling partner is your teddy, tell your readers who gave it to you, etc.

Technology Day
- Your favourite apps (you can divide them in different genres; for example, editing apps, news apps, etc.)
- A picture of all the gadgets that you use, and how thankful you are for them
- A story on how a particular technology has completely changed your life; for example, because you learnt driving, you could surprise your father at the airport

Sunday Supper Day
- Cook something for the family/partner and upload its recipe
- Story from this day
- Pictures of family/partner and you celebrating this day

Clean Off Your Desk Day
- Desk organization ideas/supplies
- Pictures of your desk (at home and at office)

Jan 11
Milk Day
- Share a story related to milk; for example, my cousin is addicted to milk. When he was a baby, we all used to tease him and how he demanded milk the moment he woke up
- Recipes with milk as a major ingredient; for example, kheer, milkshake, smoothies

JAN 13
Sticker Day
- Your obsession with stickers
- Sticker collection
- Any story related to stickers
- A vlog on sticking funny stickers like "Kick Me", "I'm Mad" on friends' backs and their reactions after realization

Blame Someone Else Day
- Childhood blame games between siblings
- Purposely do some mischief and then shift the blame on someone else. Write/vlog about it

Make Your Dreams Come True Day
- Your dreams
- Your failed dreams and why you gave up on them
- Your strategies to achieve your dreams
- Dreams that are too difficult to achieve but certainly not impossible; for example, someone might want to beat Sachin Tendulkar's record, or be the richest man, or date this super hot boy from your college/work

Jan 14
Dress Up Your Pet Day
- Photographs of your pets in cute outfits
- Places to find dresses for pets
- Tutorial for stitching pet dresses

Organize Your Home Day
- Places to find organization supplies
- Design a cleaning printable
- Post pictures of your home organization
- Set up a weekly challenge to clean your entire house and then share your experience

Jan 15
Hat Day
- Share pictures of you wearing hat
- Hat outfit ideas
- Places to find best hats

Strawberry Ice Cream Day
- Have a strawberry ice cream and share a story about your day (don't forget to share a picture of it too)

Jan 19
Popcorn Day
- Have popcorn and share a story about your day (don't forget to share a picture of it too)
- Popcorn recipe
- Popcorn making hacks

Jan 20
Cheese Lover's Day
- Share recipes with loaded cheese
- Collaboration of all Instagram pictures with cheese in it
- If you're on diet, share your experiences about how you could cut back cheese

Jan 21
Hugging Day
- Hug all the important people in your life and share pictures

Appreciation Day
- Be thankful to your readers and appreciate the way they've supported you

Jan 23
Handwriting Day
- Share different handwriting fonts you have
- Make a DIY-something that would have "Hustle" or "Live your dreams" written on it; for example, a frame
- Write about your childhood stories related to writing--how were you taught to write, hold a pencil, whether you know cursive style, etc.

Jan 24
Compliment Day
- A challenge where you would compliment strangers and friends and then share their reaction
- A challenge to compliment yourself everyday and then share an experience towards the end of the week/month

Jan 25
Irish Coffee Day
- Have a cup of Irish coffee and share a story about your day (don't forget to share a picture of it too)
- Share recipe

Jan 26
Green Juice Day
- Share recipes
- Collaborate all Instagram pictures with juices and share them

Spouse's Day
- How to make the most of the day
- How to make your spouse feel special today
- Gift ideas
- Dinner date outfit ideas
- Makeup look inspirations

Jan 27
Chocolate Cake Day
- Celebrate with a chocolate cake and share pictures
- Try a new chocolate cake recipe
- Share your trusted chocolate cake recipe

Jan 28
Have Fun At Work Day
- Take selfies and share
- Have a potluck party and share pictures. Also tell the recipe of what you carried
- Organize office desk and share pictures
- Add a little-something--frame, flower vase, etc.--and share pictures
- Places to find cute desk supplies
- Your outfit and makeup on this day

Jan 30
Croissant Day
- Have croissants and share a story about your day (don't forget to share a picture of it too)
- Croissant recipe

Jan 31
Street Children's Day
- Give around 10 street kids some toys and share your experiences
- Click selfies with the kids and share them

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
- Start up a hobby
- Different artistic hobbies people can take up

Are you celebrating any of these?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Weekend Getaway | Vajreshwari, Ganeshpuri

My family has become spontaneous trip-planners these days. I didn't know that we were going anywhere today, until I told my parents in the morning that my cousin, Pratik, was coming home after lunch. My mom said that we were going Colaba, and it'll be fun to ask him to tag along. Well, so that's how this getaway was planned. I told my parents that my college is near Colaba and I'm sick of going to that area. So we changed to this destination--Vajreshwari (and Ganeshpuri).

We had decided to leave at 3:00 pm and surprisingly, we locked the house at 3:15. We had taken our car (or rather it had taken us!) and we were five in total--me, mom, dad, brother, and cousin. In the start, me and my parents were crumpled on the back seat, as my brother was driving and cousin was on the cleaner's seat.

We took the Bhiwandi route. I had worn a white t-shirt with Minnie printed on it, along with my super comfy grey leggings. And I don't know why, but I cannot go on trips without my pink lips.

My brothers clicked a selfie while I was away

On our way, I had to urgently pee. I was someone who always felt like peeing when on trips, but since a year, I have changed. We were on a village road with no malls or toilet facility today. So I had to pee hiding myself behind bushes. Luckily, there were two ladies who recommended us to pee behind a house that was made of steel sheets. Finally, relieved, we resumed our journey.

I drove for 15 minutes or so and was terrible at it. Though I have a permanent license, I cannot drive on my own yet. I am constantly bombarded by my brother's "change to 4th gear...change to 2nd gear...the speed breaker is approaching, clutch and break..."
All these constant do this, do that act like someone is hammering into my brains. I get confused and scared because there's everybody talking. Someone or the other giving me some advises and then my dad telling my mom to calm down as she appears nervous due to my driving.

I gave up my wheel and my brother took us further. We reached Vajreshwari and visited a small Shiva temple. There also was a Sai Baba temple in its vicinity. The area is tranquil even though kids were playing cricket nearby.
The temple area had a large tub, which was made of stone. It had hot spring water in it. We immersed our feet and then entered the temple. After darshan, we walked towards a semi-dried river, where at least 30 people were bathing. It was a wide river and you could hardly see the greenery that was on the other side; the river was that wide.

Halt for hi-tea

We started walking towards the car, but on way, thanks to my tea-lover dad, we stopped for hi-tea. We had wada pav, tea, and Maaza from a nearby stall. (Eating from a shabby food stall is fun in its own way!)

We left further for Ganeshpuri. In passage, we came across the famous Vajreshwari temple. My mom wanted to visit this badly and so she was contended after the darshan.

The ride from this temple to Ganeshpuri was a bumpy one, due to the bad road. Ganeshpuri has the shrine of Nityananda Maharaj, who is an Indian guru. The shrine is a large place that has bhajans and keertans played, along with areas to pray. It's a must visit, especially for your moms and grand moms.

After this, we left for home via Vasai. If you have ever passed this route, you'd know that you have to halt for half-hour near the junction. A bridge is being built near Vasai, so because of that, the police allows only one sided lane to move. The other sided lane is stopped by them for half-hour, which means the former lane gets access to move for 30 minutes. If your luck sucks, then you might have to face a 30-minute halt. (Mine does, and so we had to wait from 7:30 to 8:00 pm).
Stagnant traffic, car engines off, lights on, people loosening their awkward legs and roaming near their cars, vendors selling water bottles, tea, and salted peanuts, and people had poker faces, as though they knew they would stuck in this much-dreaded half-hour halt.

We started our engines at exact 8:05 pm and reached home around 9:00. Tired because of singing loudly in the car, we were happy to be home.

My mom immediately started to make tea. I, on the other hand, turned on PC, and then changed into pyjama shorts and a tee. I then placed the cooker on the stove which had rice and dal in it. We were having waran bhaat for dinner--one of the best post-trip, when-tired kind of meals.


How was your weekend guys?