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by - April 02, 2024

I am so excited to share that I am married to the love of my life. This exclusive announcement is for those who follow my blog but not my social media (I don’t know why you would do that). It’s been over three months and I’m the happiest. 

In fact, I’ve made a photobook of my wedding, and thanks to Zoomin’s easy feature that allowed me to customise and design a photobook so seamlessly (much on this later). 

Remember that 40-day solo trip around India? Well, I manifested someone right there, on the balcony in Coorg. If you’re following me from much before, you would remember this exact setting! 

Memories are a great part of who we are and why we are the way we are. In this digital age, where things have become easier to store, capture and share, I still am a bit old-schooled. I like to write down, I like to sniff the fresh pages of a book, and I like to turn them. So instead of feeling satisfied with the photos on my laptop, which are obviously amazing to share on my socials and keep as a display picture, I felt something was missing out. As though, the sand is trickling down and the time is passing away, and somehow the memories will fade someday. Perhaps we will delete some media because our storage is full, and keep only a few core memories. 

Layflat Photobook

Then one day I remembered that a physical album is something that would remain etched forever. And I thought it was a great way to keep the memories intact, just like the pictures from when we were a baby. I checked a few print shops and photo shops but the print quality and price was not impressive. So I checked this amazing site which allowed me to design a photobook of my own! One book of 40 pages and 50+ images costed me around INR 4500 and that’s not bad, considering it’s INR 6000 elsewhere! 

I also need wedding pictures on the wall of our bedroom and above the tv, on the shelf, so I’m going to order photo frames as well. Zoomin also offers a variety of other personal decor collection such as fridge magnets, coffee mugs and calendars. 

Do shop your personal decor from 

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