Dubai Desert Safari – What to Know Before You Go

by - May 03, 2024

Getting on board into Dubai desert safari undeniably sets the stage for an invigorating escapade surrounded by the incredible Arabian terrain’s oscillating sands. This is an exclusive odyssey which blends sweeping vistas, cultural immersions, and high-octane adventures. But prior to getting on board on this beautiful excursion, familiarizing the specifics is crucial for an experience that is flawless and rewarding.

Acquainting the Essentials 

Prior to getting on board to desert safari Dubai, acquainting about the essentials matter for a glitch-free desert experience. These essentials encompass, 


Desert safaris are indeed of multifarious types, thus its costs diverge resting on the excursion length coupled with the operator. The cost will differ as per the time selected, the activities included, the transportation price, and the food type served. 

Variegated Types

Dubai desert safaris are of variegated types which cover diverse preferences & budget. The morning safari comprises delicious traditional breakfast and activities from dune drives to sandboarding. If you adore sunset views, an evening desert safari is for you. Along with gazing at the fiery sunset you can also take pleasure in activities such as belly dancing and henna art followed by BBQ dinner as well as shisha experience. In case of an overnight safari, this experience is exclusive, spending the night below the dazzling sky. 

Inclusive Activities

The selected desert safari package includes multifarious activities from quad biking, sandboarding, camel treks, dune drives, falconry displays, and more. Get acquainted with all inclusions for curating a desert experience in breeze. 

Appropriate Attire

While exploring a desert terrain, it is crucial to dress appropriately both for protection as well as comfort. Pack attires that are loose, airy and breathable complimented with close sturdy shoes for navigating the sands hassle-free. Pack wide brimmed hat, sun lotion, and glares for shielding against the intense UV rays in the desert. 

Prioritize Safety

Though adventure is supreme, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Join hands with a tour operator that provides experienced drivers and possess first-rate safety record. Diligently adhere to the directions of the guide for reveling in the adventure sans scarifying the well-being. 

Cultural Encounters

Soak in the deep rooted Emirati culture in the desert sojourn. Partake in core traditional rituals namely henna art, sample shisha, and also savor the Arabic coffee’s strong flavors. Tap your feet to the pulsating live performances of Tanoura & belly dancing. 

Photographic Prowess

The desert’s colossal expanse paves the way for immense photographic opportunities. To capture the utmost of the ethereal beauty from candid moments, the fiery dipping sun, and the raw beauty of the undulating dunes do carry your smartphone or a good camera. Most importantly while photographing do respect the local customs. 

Transport Logistics

Majority of desert safaris comprise pick-up as well as drop from one’s Dubai accommodation. It is vital to maintain punctuality for making the most of the adventure. The time may differ resting on one’s selected safari variant; hence they must likewise plan their day for an unspoiled experience. 

Gastronomic Delights

Savor a lavish and delish buffet dinner on a desert camp comprising international fare & local delicacies. Taste both vegetarian & non-vegetarian delights making it one of a kind culinary excursion. Ensure to stay hydrated in the sweltering desert heat. Also exercise moderation prior to partaking in various activities. 

Respect Nature

Soak in the tranquil milieu of nature in the desert expedition. Ensure to preserve the ecosystem via abstaining from littering & diminishing disturbing the wildlife. Leave just footprints, guaranteeing the awe-inspiring landscape’s sustainability for upcoming generations. 

Preemptive Booking

This is Dubai’s coveted attraction in peak seasons. It is highly suggestive for one to secure his spot well ahead by joining hands with a good tour operator to keep disappointments at bay. One should compare packages & research reviews to customize their desert adventure to their budget & preferences. 

Health & Age Restrictions

Considering safety, kids under 2 are not permitted in partaking in off-road safaris as well as dune drives, those between 2-4 can take pleasure in the entertainment solely in an exclusive car yet belted in the car seat for kids. Expecting females and those having back/neck/heart ailments are prohibited in partaking in selective tour activities owing to their immense thrilling nature. 

Opportune Time to Visit

Dubai has created a niche for reasons untold, no wonder it pulls tourists from the world over as magnets. But the most opportune time for visiting this golden city is in the relaxing winter months spanning November-April with temperatures that fickle amid 17 to 30 degrees. The bright, balmy weather is the catch. 

Safari Duration

The actual duration of a safari rests on the package picked. One in the morning spans 4 to 5 hours, those in the evening spans 6 to 8 hours, while an overnight is for the entire night that ensures a comprehensive desert experience. Thus, while picking the safari duration, it is crucial in considering both the schedule as well as the preferences. 

Carry Little Cash

Usually the safari route is replete with endless points to reap perks of good refreshments. They are ideal moments to invest in some souvenirs, or capturing photographs from any expert tour photographer. Thus, for these moments, carrying some cash proves handy. 

Medications & First Aid

It is highly suggestive to carry medications for nausea & vomiting. Falling sick on a safari expedition is common. It is chiefly on account of the humid weather that people experience unease particularly those prone to motion sickness. Should you be one of them, do carry the needed medication to take pleasure of the trip. Also carrying a first aid box during a travel is vital more so during an overnight safari comprising of sting relief, painkillers, bandages, as well as antiseptic cream. Last but not least, also include materials to treat blisters & snake bites. 

Wrapping Up 

Getting on board to a desert safari is immersing into a wonder world. Being acquainted with the essentials will aid you explore the raw desert beauty in a breeze. This excursion will be enriching and full of memoirs for years to cherish. 

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