Kheerganga Trek Details: How to Reach, Where to Stay & More

by - September 26, 2021

When you have a Himalayan trek on your bucket list and luckily happen to strike it off, happiness has no bounds. On my 40-day solo trip around India, Kasol was one of the destinations. I hoped to do the Kheerganga trek during my stay in Kasol but since I was going solo, there was no travel agency that I came across online that would allow a booking for one person. So I had to cancel the plan of trekking Kheerganga. However, things took a turn when I overheard fellow hostellers in Kasol planning of climbing it and I shamelessly hacked their plan and asked if I could join as well. And there I was, finally making my dream come true and crossing off one wish from my bucket list. 

If you're looking for Kheerganga trek details, then you've come to the right place!


The name 'Kheerganga' derives from 'kheer', an Indian sweet dish which is made from milk, sugar and rice or sev. The legend has it that Shiva, Parvati and Karthik stayed here in Satyug and due to the blessings of Shiva Parvati, 'kheer' flowed here. Later in Kalyug, due to the blessings of Parshuram, the kheer was converted into water, to avoid quarrels over the kheer. Even today, the cream flows with water and it can be tasted near the Shiva temple on top of Kheerganga. It is said that bathing in its hot water springs brings 'Punya' or virtuousness. About 60 metres from the Shiva temple is the Karthik Swami cave. Although it is shut now, trekkers can still visit it. 

You will come across a lot of Israelis on Kheerganga and in general in Kasol, Tosh and Parvati valley. 

Please note: There's no network on Kheerganga and you will experience a loss of signal midway. Only BSNL postpaid cards work, but don't worry as you can still contact people by using the camp operator's phone on the top! He charges Rs 50 or so for a phone call. 

The Difficulty level of Kheerganga Trek

Is Kheerganga trek for beginners? Well, to talk about the difficulty of this trek, it's an easy to medium trek. There aren't many risky patches and a beginner can easily climb them. There are two routes that you can take, the village route and the forest route. The village route is straight but tiresome and the forest route is shadowy as it is covered with trees. 

Duration of Kheerganga Trek

How long does it take to climb Kheerganga? It takes about 7 hours approx one way for Kheerganga. There are two routes to climb and descend the Kheerganga: one goes through the forest and the other through Nakthan village. The village route takes longer to reach.

Where to stay at Kheerganga

There are many campsites on the top and you can easily book a stay via a local operator when you reach Kasol. You can pitch your tent but you need to take the forest department's permission for the same. When I went there, I stayed at a campsite as we were not carrying our own tents. 

How to reach Kheerganga

To reach Kheerganga, take an overnight bus to Manali from Delhi and get down at Bhuntar. From Bhuntar, either take a local bus or a taxi for Kasol. Stay a night or two at Kasol. Start for Barshaini, the base village, the next morning around 7am from Pramod General Store; you can get a taxi or a bus from there. After reaching Barshaini, pay a small entry fee and start climbing the Kheerganga via the village or the forest route. 

What is the best time to visit Kheerganga?

May to November is a good time to visit Kheerganga. I was there towards the end of September and the climate was neither hot nor cold. It was pleasant. 

Can you experience snow on Kheerganga?

You can experience snowfall from late December to February.

What to pack for the Kheerganga trek

It depends from season to season but for a general packing list for the Kheerganga trek, I would recommend:

  • Trekking shoes
  • A pair of flipflops
  • Snack bars (there are shacks selling Maggi, omelettes, tea, coffee, etc. on the way)
  • Water bottles (you can fill water from active waterfalls)
  • Extra pair of socks for night-time
  • Woollen clothes
  • Raincoat + rain pants
  • Quick-dry clothes
  • Torch
  • Powerbank 
  • Camera
  • Tripod for astrophotography
  • First-aid kit
  • Lightweight towel for hot water spring bath
  • Extra inner clothes 
  • Gloves
  • Beanie
  • Cash & identity card

Hot Water Springs on Kheerganga

One of the best things to do on Kheerganga is to bathe in the hot water springs. After reaching late in the evening, spend time relaxing and finish with dinner and a bonfire. Next morning, grab your towel and extra clothes and bath at the hot water springs. There's a separate bathing area for men and women. There's also a temple above the springs that you can visit. You can read the importance of the hot water springs and Kheerganga on the temple wall. Also, don't forget to drink the water (aka the 'malai') near the temple! 

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Approximate Budget for Kheerganga Trip

Delhi to Bhuntar overnight bus: Rs 476 (Volvo AC bus)
Bhuntar to Kasol bus or taxi: Taxi fare Rs 1,250 for a group (Rs 190 approx. per head)
Kasol overnight stay: Rs 400 per head
Kasol to Pramod General store bus stop: Free, by walk
Kasol to Barshaini bus or taxi: Taxi fare Rs 175 per head 
Kheerganga entry fee: Rs 50
Kheerganga camp + food: Rs 700 total per head (includes tent stay, evening snacks, dinner & breakfast)
Bonfire on top: Rs 300 for a group
Barshaini to Kasol or Tosh taxi: Rs 1,250 approx., Rs 175 per head
Kasol/Tosh stay: Rs 400 per head
Kasol to Bhuntar bus or taxi: Bus fare Rs 62, taxi fare Rs 1000 approx. 
Bhuntar to Delhi overnight bus: Rs 500 onwards

Total expense for a round trip to Kheerganga from Delhi - Rs 4000 to Rs 6000 for 5 nights 6 days. 

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