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by - January 06, 2022

camel ride on sand

Hmm, travel bucket you have one? Well, I don't. But then there are a few experiences, a few destinations that compel me to make one, if not in a written format. There are a few places around the world, whether it is the Amazonian forests, the Northern lights, pristine blue beaches of Maldives and Fiji or experiences such as desert camping, scuba diving, bungee jumping and so on. I have a few attractions, places and experiences that keep on hovering in my head and resurface from time to time. 

One such experience was desert camping. I missed it during my two times visit to Dubai. However, a month ago, when I planned to visit Jaisalmer and Jodhpurtwo places in Rajasthan worth visitingI was determined to tick off desert camping from my imaginary bucket list. However, the issue was, I was travelling soloand desert camping is a romantic experience, which I believe you shouldn't do alone. I was hesitant, therefore. 

But to my luck, when I announced my solo trip to Rajasthan in December, my mom said she would love to join me. Partly because she thinks her daughter has been on "enough solo trips" and that she doesn't want her to travel alone again (blame it on the repetitive "You're brave, Rashmi, for allowing your daughter on a solo trip; I wouldn't have dared to" statements that my mom's relatives, friends, and colleagues often utter). Or partly because she loves travelling and has been to several destinations across India with her family during her childhood. But she said she would love to join me, and I didn't refuse. 

Travelling with your mother means shopping for tons of souvenirs and local artworks plus a warm hand to hold and pleasing company on otherwise frightening nights such as camping in the middle of the desert. So she came with me, and I was glad. 

Right when I was thinking of this trip in mid-November, I get a message from the Instagram account of Royal Golden Camp, Jaisalmer. They showed interest in hosting me at their property. My first reaction was, what beautiful luck! I don't need to look for campsites to stay. So I looked at their pictures and was taken aback by their exquisiteness. I agreed to stay with them and my desert camping experience was nearing. 

Jaisalmer Camping area


Spread over 12 acres in the heart of the golden city, amid the desert, the Royal Golden Camp, Jaisalmer, presents a beguiling experience reflecting the Arabian night tale. The vastness of the Jaisalmer desert, valuable experiences on the sand dunes and an array of desert activities make the experience at the Royal Golden Camp delightful.

They were the first to build luxurious desert camping and therapy. With years of experience in Jaisalmer tourism, they strive to deliver impressive and top-notch services to their guests. The thrilling experiences and the beauty of the sand dunes would not be achievable without the involvement of local communities.

The Royal Golden Camp offers a spectrum of activities to unravel and exhilarate, along with a comfortable stay. Bedecked with adventurous rides, traditional Rajasthani folk dance and music, and an unforgettable night under the twinkling stars, it's a once in a lifetime experience. 


We hired a cab from the main city. The route had a glistening view on both sides with an unending golden carpet. It took about an hour to reach the campsite. I have "glamped" before but I was peculiarly looking forward to this experience.

We reached this beautiful gate, which replicated the entry door of a sand fortress. The walls are smeared with gold, adorned with artwork and a pair of Rajasthani puppets comfortably sitting in the windows. We completed our check-in procedure and walked towards our tent. 

bed inside a tent


I stayed at the Royal Golden Camp for a night. The luxurious glamping setup included tents, which were neat and tidy, with a well-made bed, fresh sheets, clean toilet, electricity, and facilities as grand as any luxe hotel room. My mom was thoroughly impressed as it was her first time staying in a tent. She was curiously looking at the setup and threw questions like "How to lock the door?"

But to both our relief and the impressive security of the property, my mom was sound asleep. In fact, the next day, she was telling this to everyone, including the manager, the owner, and the fellow campers. 


The food (ah, the phulkas dipped in butter and the comforting, home-cooked taste) was beyond ordinary. I usually refrain from praising food unless I really like it. But the food was delectable. For lunch, we ordered paneer butter masala, dal tadka, and tawa rotis/phulkas. 

Later in the evening, we were served with pakodas and tea as we sat back to watch locals perform folk dance and music. It was truly an evening to remember. 

Indian food, Rajasthani food, Jaisalmer Camping review

The same night for dinner, we tasted Rajasthani cuisine: the famous dal bati, ker sangri (a local sabzi) and churma ladoo. To sum up, I enjoyed the cooking style, rich flavours, and the local touch to the food. 

The dining area being indoors is where lunch, dinner, and breakfast is served. For breakfast the next morning, we enjoyed a wholesome meal of parathas, upma, coffee, and tea. 


There are a bunch of desert activities you can indulge in: camel ride, desert/jeep safari, parasailing, sand bath therapy, romantic private dinner, quad biking and so on. You can opt for a mobile camp set up as well, where you stay in the middle of the desert, in a small tent, with no soul found anywhere. 

You get a camel ride and jeep safari in your package, which delighted me because I was planning to skip any desert activity. 

desert camping folk dance, Rajasthani folk dance


The cultural program in the evening was lit. Local artists performing dance and music. Traditional Rajasthani folk songs and gorgeous Rajasthani ladies grooving on the tunes. They even ask you to join them on the dance floor as they teach you the secret moves of the folk dance. And when you finally learn the secret, you'll be awed at the delicateness of Rajasthani traditional dance. 


The manager is an amiable, warm local who exhibits a friendly smile every time he's around. He ensures to cater to all things, so whether it is your food, your stay experience, your travel requirements or your peculiar demandswithout a scowl on his face or a curl on the lips. 

Camping in the middle of the Thar desert was a divine, once in a lifetime experience. Courtesy to Royal Golden Camp and their remarkable facilities and hospitality. It's must-visit glamping in Jaisalmer, and I definitely recommend their property!


Get down at Jaisalmer by air, road or railways and hire a cab to and fro to the Royal Golden Camp. 

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Watch my Jaisalmer Camping vlog 👇

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