Why Do You Blame Women Only?

by - February 24, 2017

Why is it always that when anything happens, people blame the girls? When anything related to marriage, divorce, relationships, pregnancy, rape, etc. comes up, why is the blame always shifted on the women? What about the men?

I happened to get wind of this particular story, where I learnt that a young married couple has given each other a notice of divorce. On that, the person who was telling me this story later sighed, saying "Girls these days are horrible."
Girls?! Hello?! What if the man has had an extramarital affair or harassed her to have sex or didn't allow her to chase her dreams or forced her to cook/clean? You fucking don't know what the matter is, you don't know the reason behind their divorce, and yet you accuse the girl? Wow! I salute your petty mentality.

Why? I don't understand why do people always blame women? The other day I was talking to an older relative in my house, and I was telling how a certain boy has had affairs with lot of girls. On that, the relative said that girls should know what kind of boy he is; they see money and go behind him. Why girls? What about that boy? His character wasn't accused? Why only girls? What about him? He cheats and double dates and breaks up with girls, but the relative didn't say a word against him. Instead, how girls should carefully judge a boy was advised to me. Huh?

What kind of a fucking shitty world we're living in? With people having such shitty mentality and such disgusting attitude towards women. You assholes, have you forgotten you have sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters that are all women? And you other bunch of stupid cowards, you have forgotten that you yourself are a woman.

Don't let these petty, nonsensical, patriarchal thoughts dominate you. Use your brain and think about the issue.

Your thoughts?

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