Last Minute Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

by - February 13, 2017

For those couples that are still chilling, but yet want to make the V-Day a special occasion, head on to read some last minute celebration ideas:

Long Drive
Take a long drive to a nearby romantic spot. Make sure that you choose a spot with less crowd so that you get some time off to yourselves.

Road Trip
Go on a road trip with some good-humoured songs in the car. Wear those shorts, the tanks, sunglasses, and hat--have a fun road trip, you two!

Visiting the First Date Spot/Restaurant
Several years ago, you met the love of your life right here; go to that place again, and enact how your first date was. If possible, wear those same outfits too!

Proposing for Marriage
Always were struggling to find a great day to ask her hand for marriage? Valentine's Day could be the much awaited day. I'm sure she's gonna love even a dry proposal; after all, you're the one that's more important to her than the balloons and confetti.

Making it Official
Why to hide if you're truly in love with each other? Make it official on this day. Confess to your parents or update your relationship status on social media.

Cruise/Boat Ride
Going close to the nature can get really romantic. Go for a ride in waters.

Special Love Making Session
Candles, body massage, whatever you two want, do it.

Sending Dirty Messages throughout the Day
Long distance relationship? How about getting kinky through phone? Send dirty messages all day long, and have a sultry valentine's.

Staying Indoors and Ordering Pizza
Stay in your good ol' face with pyjamas and order pizza at home. Also, watch two movies back to back--the one you love and the one he loves.

Movie Date
Go for a movie date like you used to. Order soft drink and popcorn. Followed by that, go for dinner!

Go for camping. You only need a tent, food, and #wanderlust.

Cooking Each Other's Favourite Meal
Two meals at once? Sure!

Getting Inked
Get similar looking tattoos and don't ever do anything stupid that would want you to regret getting inked. Stay faithful.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner
And one of my favourites, going on a romantic dinner date. Search for the best romantic restaurants in town and take your valentine there. Wear a lacy dress, and you gentleman, wear her favourite shirt.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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