Wanderlust | Outfit

by - February 02, 2017

I had no intentions of shooting my outfit during the road-trip with my seniors to Bhandardara. But, one of my friends had got a good camera along, so we thought of a portfolio shoot! Check out the pictures below. (Also, all the stuff I'm wearing is from thrift stores, so this is such a no-expense outfit!)

I always like to wear flats or flip-flops on road-trips because unlike trips with a previously known stay and destination, road-trips bend towards adventure and exploration. You spontaneously stop the car, get out of it, click pictures, have hot chai...basically, you get down on road several times. I therefore prefer easy-to-remove footwear.

Also, I love wearing cargoes or leggings because they're damn comfortable (psst, shorts are comfortable too). I put the title as wanderlust because the love for travelling and exploring is inexplicable.


Top | Thane; Cargo Pant | Thane; Flats | Bandra; Nail Polish | Maybelline


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