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by - February 07, 2017

I think that more than the perfectly fitting hoodies, the oversized ones are comfortable. Finally, after years, I tried on a loose-something and it was terribly great to relive those tomboy days. I thought that instead of buying an S--which is my perfect size--I should go with an M. The result was mind blowing. It was like a warm bear hug!
If you're looking for comfort and style, all in one clothing, you should definitely try Bewakoof.

You get quirky stuff there. What amazed me more is the attentive packaging. The box that the hoodie came in was thick and the plastic wrap had a superior quality too. I mentioned this because not many companies care about packaging.
In addition to this, the hoodie is thick and something that would surely promise you to keep warm. Loved the quality in all and I would recommend you girls to try their hoodies.

I'm sharing outfit that I made out of this snug hoodie.


Also, take a look at this pretty watermelon designer mobile case, which again, I got from Bewakoof.com

Hoodie | Bewakoof.com; Leggings | JocoVerve Store; Clutch | Taobao.com; Shoes | Flipkart.com; Mobile Case | Bewakoof.com; Earrings | Avon; Rings | JocoVerve Store; Bracelets | JocoVerve Store; Nail Polish | Nykaa; Lipstick | Lakme

Bewakoof.com also has a splendid range for all you men; you got Marvel t-shirts (yes, that's right), jeans, tees, shorts, and athleisure clothes!

Would you dare to buy an oversized hoodie?

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