January 2017 Favourites

by - February 08, 2017

At last I got a chance to write about my front-runners of last month. 2017's beginning has not been as grand as last year's beginning was. But, I still got these couple of favourites that cheered me up:

The most favourite thing about January was the inauguration of my online store. We sold over 30 products and in February, 10 are sold out already. We're doing great and I'm glad to know. In case you're new here, follow it on Instagram right now.

I'm loving all the outfit shoots we've done last month. I've hired my cousin Pratik as the official photographer of TPCG and JocoVerve too. I'm relieved to finally get one for TPCG. He's not a photographer, but he takes some really good pictures. He knows about framing and the best thing is that he doesn't get tired or bored while the shoot is on. He also drives me to shoot locations!

Bhandardara Road Trip
A weekend getaway is always cherished. The company was good, the place was good, the day was good.

White Sneakers
Finally got a pair of white sneaks, whew! I was looking for a good pair since long.

How helpful this friend has been. Friend? More like a daughter. I created her and now she's helping me in life. Proud mother I am!

How was your January?

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