February 2017 Goals

by - February 09, 2017

Nine days have passed, but it's never too late to set goals. For me, February always equals to Valentine's Day; it's weird, but yeah. So what are my goals for the ongoing month?

College related
I had a big submission on the 6th of Feb and did not have much time to work on that. I came from my best friend's wedding (which was in Karnataka) on the 2nd, so I had four days to finish my work. Thankfully, we had to email it before 7th Feb, that is, we had to do it by 11:59 pm on the 6th. I submitted it by 11:00 and my joy knew no bounds.
Also, not that this personally matters, but we have a college conference too in February.

More outfit posts
I just want to showcase as many outfits as possible. February's been busy till now and well, it's gonna be busier. Hoping to shoot more.

Valentine's Day related posts
It always happens that something huge (like a festival) is round the corner and I'm busy a week before that. Due to which, I cannot focus on writing posts related to the spotlight of the month.

Continue the fitness routine
Right now, my fitness routine includes drinking a glass of milk with Shatavari Kalpa in morning. Then after lunch, drinking a mug of green tea. And, in the gym, running on the speed of 90 for two minutes. This running on the speed of 90 for two minutes has helped me lose so much of fats, you guys have no idea. I can see myself thinned down because of it.
I am finding this routine too helpful, and though I can't hit the gym everyday, or forget to drink green tea once in a week at least, this routine's doing wonders on my body. I gotta continue doing it in February.

Finish watching remaining seasons of Friends
I will finish the eighth season today and hoping to finish remaining two seasons in this month. Not that I'm looking forward to finishing the series, because I love it, but I want to watch it. Simply adore watching Friends!

What are your goals for Feb 2017?

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