Unsubscribing Unwanted Emails + Cleaning Email Account

by - May 10, 2016

I hate to see my inbox full of unwanted and unimportant emails. Though most of the times, I ignore such emails, there definitely is a time when I sit down and delete them. I delete all the unread emails together and then my inbox goes down to zero unread emails, which is the best feeling, for a person like me.

Just cleaning the inbox is not important, but checking on the spam folder is crucial too. Go ahead and delete all the spam emails and clean that folder too.

Last but not the least is unsubscribing those promotional emails. Gosh, they're so annoying! Whenever I go on a detoxifying email account mission, I definitely unsubscribe one or two such companies that are bombarding me with their deals and offers. I hate it when my cellphone beeps for an email, and when I check it, my excitement and anticipation is all gone after seeing that it's a promotional email.

If you guys didn't know there was an option like this, I would love to share it with you: If ever a company is irritating you by sending emails that you don't want to receive, you can unsubscribe to that company. Just open that particular email and take the cursor towards the bottommost part of it and you'll see a line in really small font asking if you'd wish to unsubscribe. Just click on the word 'unsubscribe' and you'll be redirected to the company's site. Complete the formalities and you're all free!

I follow these three steps to clean my email account every once in a while because I really hate to see any unread emails in my inbox.

Do you unsubscribe to such unwanted promotional emails?

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