Epic Formula to Avoid Stains on Pillows

by - May 18, 2016

We all have been there. While changing pillow covers, we realize how bad our pillows are in real--with all those sweat, tears, and saliva stains. I hate to see the pillows in that condition.

To avoid having these stains, you need to cover your pillow with two pillow-covers. Yes, that's right. We all have old covers at home, waiting to be thrown out. You can first put on an old pillow-cover on your pillow, followed by the new pillow-cover. That way, your pillow is protected from all kinds of direct stains.

You can wash the old pillow-cover once in a while, but not as frequently as you would wash a new cover. I use this trick of two pillow-covers and my pillow is thankful towards me!

What trick do you have to avoid stains on your pillows?

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