Best Glasses for the Tech Geeks

by - May 24, 2016

I wear high powered glasses, which are around 3.05. I'm on the computer most of the day, especially if I'm at home. Even in my college, we have lectures on a white screen and sometimes on the blackboard/whiteboard. And other times, I am on my cellphone.
I'd checked for my eyesight a month ago and was saddened to know the increase. However, until I gave a brand new glasses to make, I was using my old glasses which were of around 2.75. (My left eye is weaker than my right and I'm talking about my left eye here.) As vacations were on, I was on my PC whole day. This pained my eye and finally, I went to the optician to get myself a new pair of glasses.

I also want to confess that I used to not wear my glasses 24x7, but only when I used any electronics like PC, TV, cellphone, and for screenings of matches, inside theatre, and during lectures. My optician did scold me for this and I obviously knew I was not being right. I might as well lose eyesight until I reach the age of 40 with such attitude! I somehow detest the idea of wearing glasses all the time, as I hate to have them on my nose. I tried contact lenses but failed to try putting them on my eyeballs.

A solution to all the problems? A better looking frame with glasses that protected eyes with my sworn enemies, the electronics.

When I went to make myself a new pair, I'd checked my eyesight again. While conversing with the optician, she asked me about my usage of gadgets. On that, I told how I'm a writer and how I'm on the PC most of the day. She recommended me glasses that were made to protect eyes from the rays emitting from the screens of these gadgets. I thought the idea was good but back in my mind, I knew that it could be expensive.

I used the sample glasses they had and saw the difference--the bluish purple rays from a regular white light were now toned down and I could see the white light as somewhat off white. I couldn't make the difference standing there and using glasses that were not for my eyes, but I was convinced to go with them. I got Crizal Prevencia--The First Smart Blue Light Blocking Lens. The cost of it was minimum Rs.3,200 or so. The total cost of my glasses, i.e., frame plus lenses, went up to Rs.5,570.
I also had given my previous black frame for the regular anti-glare lenses and the cost went up to Rs.900. So total, I spent Rs.6,470 on two glasses (one with the digital protection, and one without it.)

I don't regret this at all. The new frame is smart, brown, and has large cat-eyes shape. I purposely purchased brown because brown is lighter than black. When you wear black glasses, your face is hidden behind them. I took brown because I thought I could wear them all the time.

Okay, so I guess the main reason why you're reading this post is to know whether these digital protection glasses are any useful. The answer is, yes, they are. Earlier, after using a gadget, especially my cell phone at night, my eyes used to pain. But with these glasses on, my eyes are much relaxed. So, if you guys are heavy users of digital gadgets, I definitely recommend these!

If you guys have any queries, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer them.

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