Nivea Deodorants for Women

by - May 29, 2016

Nivea's Whitening range of deodorants was so much in rage few years back. I'd used one of its products and was quite happy. But, whatever deodorants Nivea has been bringing in India lately are stunning! They're light and alcohol-free.

Until now I have tried Pearl & Beauty, Whitening Smooth Skin, and Energy Fresh deodorants. I think I'm gonna try all of these. As they're alcohol-free, I can use them without any worry. One more thing I liked is the soft fragrance it leaves. Few (or all) of them are designed to protect underarms too and so I recommend these. Before purchasing it, just make sure to sniff for the fragrance. I personally loved the fragrance of the Energy Fresh as it has lemon grass extracts. 
(There could be more Nivea deodorants out there too, but these are from their official site.)

The price is between Rs.190 to Rs.199 (at least that's what I've seen on their bases), but they are also available at discounted prices online.

Have you tried a Nivea deodorant yet?

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