The Secret to Doing More Dishes

by - May 22, 2016

If you're one of those who hate doing dishes, it's probably because of the dish-washing soap. I do have a soap at home, but for me, we have purchased a dish-washing liquid. Yes, that's right; the secret to doing more dishes is the lemon flavoured dish-washing liquid.

Once a while, when the maid is absent, my mom asks me to wash the dishes. I don't ever say no because of the magical lemon flavoured potion. Cleaning utensils with that is a bliss, as the aroma it leaves is incredible. All types of smell are gone and only two things are left behind--super clean utensils and the mind-blowing aroma.

These liquid washes are any time better than those soaps/bars. The soaps have a disgusting smell and one does not get the urge to wash dishes. But with the lemon flavoured liquid wash, you're instantly energized and can do more and more dishes. (I can tell because I used to hate washing utensils before the liquid wash had come into my life.)

We had got free samples and that's when I fell in love with it. I have used lemon flavoured dish washing liquid by Vim and Godrej, and both are stunning. I recommend Vim, though.

Do try this and let me know the results. I will be uploading a step-by-step guide to washing dishes too, so in case you're not sure yet, you would want to read that post!

Which dish washing agent do you use?

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