Small Space Bookshelf Idea

by - May 13, 2016

We got this bookshelf a month back to store all the books of the house. The shelf consists of my own books, my brother's books, and few encyclopedia and dictionaries. Earlier, I used to keep my books in a shelf above my PC table and my brother's books were on his desk in the living room. But now, due to the increasing number of books, we had to find a solution.

I searched online and liked this one-column bookshelf immediately. I checked various places but got the best deal on I don't recommend this site at all as the delivery of this bookshelf was done in 10+ business days and when the product arrived home finally, it was damaged--the back plank was broken! We had to send the shelf back.
After four days, many phone calls, and visits by the carpenter, the product was assimilated and erect. My exams were on, but due to the excitement, I immediately arranged all the books in my bookshelf. Well, we purchased it for Rs.3,908 due to discount,whereas its original price is Rs.4,999.

The bookshelf is in my room. As the room is not large, I had to make up for the small space and decide how the bookshelf needs to be. Right between my closet and the door, there's a column space. I thought it was perfect for a bookshelf. I could have either made my shelf larger and kept it in the living room or my brother's room, or make it compact and keep it in my own room. Obviously, compact and my room was the winner.

Such one-column bookshelves look cute and hold lot of books. One compartment can hold up to 12 books; in all, there are nine compartments. So this bookshelf can hold up to 100 to 105 books, which is a good count. And, if you make a small reading corner near your bookshelf, the fun is twice wonderful! I love to see this small space of my room and trust me guys, if you don't have much space in your room, find a pillar and get a one-column bookshelf for you too!

How does your bookshelf look like? Where is it situated in the house?

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