Superb Way to Organize Medicines

by - May 21, 2016

Near my house, a new store has opened that sells medicines, juices, biscuits, toiletries, etc. I am in love with its interior and posh service. I always wanted to buy something from the store, well, something in abundance. I like shopping from departmental stores, and this store is a kind of one.
Today morning, I had planned on going there and shop medicines, biscuits, powder, sanitary pads, and the like. Before going, I checked my medicine/first-aid box and made a list of medicines to buy. That's when the idea of writing a post on this stroke me. 
I have written down a step-by-step guide to organize medicines.


  • Large Box
  • Small Rubber Bands
  • Medicines
  • Stick Note
  • Long List
  • Pen
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape

1. Organize medicines according to their type.
2. Keep all the unrecognisable medicines in the box. (You can ask your parents about them and throw away accordingly.)

3. Make a list. Write down the names of medicines that are about to get extinguished from the box.
4. Buy those medicines.

5. Cut the used parts of the medicine-strips, thus paying attention to whether the name is getting cut or no.

6. Compile together medicines of each type using rubber bands. I have separated them in following categories:
a. Acidity/Gas
b. Cold
c. Diarrhoea
d. Pain Killers
e. Fever
f. Periods
g. Headache

7. Put the medicines in the box.

8. Label the box using stick notes and tape.

Your box is all ready in case of emergency!

How do you organize medicines?

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