The Shoe Rack Trick

by - October 22, 2015

Frankly, I don't have anything to write on. Even yesterday, I had decided to take rest instead of writing. Today, though I had jotted down two ideas that could be used, I don't have the zeal to write on those ideas.

My mom asked me to keep all the shoes inside the shoe rack, and that's when I got another idea for today. My shoe rack has two floors. So my dad has brilliantly divided the men's shoes in the upper floor and the women's shoes in the lower.

My mom has just one pair of footwear. So, you can say, I own the lower half of the rack, myself.

This trick has sorted all the footwear related problems. Every morning, I had to spend a good one-minute, searching for the pair I intended to wear on that day. Due to this trick, I just have to peep in the lower half, and there my lovelies are!

You can divide your closet according to the family members, or try a similar trick, depending on your type of shoe rack. It is sure to help you, especially when you're running late for college!

How do you organize your shoe rack?

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