Navratri Colour Red Outfit Idea

by - October 12, 2015

Hi there! As Navratri begins from tomorrow, I thought of helping you girls with the outfits. In Navratri, women follow a colour-code. Tomorrow being colour red, I thought of compiling cute red outfits. You can wear them to college or work, and look absolutely fabulous!


My outfit

Sleeveless Kurti: Red Cotton
From: My Sister's
Price: No Idea

Jeans: Levi's Distressed
From: Brand Factory
Price: Rs. 2,000

Flats: Kolhapuri
From: Kolhapur
Price: Rs. 200

Earrings: Golden Jhumke
From: Don't Remember
Price: Don't Remember

Ring: Peacock Large Gem
From: Chinese Online Store
Price: Rs. 30

Handbag: Move and Moda Brown Leather
From: Move and Moda Store, London
Price: Rs. 4,000

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