Amritsar-Dalhousie Diaries - Day 1

by - October 11, 2015

Whenever the Industrial Visit is announced, I am always ready to go, irrespective of how many of my friends are coming. This time too, for the Amritsar-Dalhousie trip, I immediately made my mind of going. A very good friend of mine, Amrita, could not come with us. I wanted her to come. Regardless of that, I still paid the money for the IV.

The trip was of 8 days, 7 nights, and we paid Rs. 14,000 for the same.

Due to my office, I did not have time to pack my bag as perfectly as I always do. I had just made a list of things to pack, things to do, and things to buy. In the end, my IV was rocking, anyway.

Day 1
After coming home from office the previous night, I packed the remaining bag. My dad had purchased snacks, and I packed them too. I scrubbed my face and applied a face mask. Everything was finally set for the big trip.

On Day 1, I woke up at 7:00 am. I had to finish some last-minute tasks. I had a nice, long shower. I packed the toothbrush, facewash, and other items in my bag. My mom had cooked Aloo Paratha for breakfast, and I was happy that she did.
We had to assemble at Bandra Terminus at 10:30 am, as the train, Paschim Express, was at 11:35 am.

I had worn a pair of blue Levi's shorts and a Nike t-shirt, with a pair of black Converse flip-flops. My luggage included a black coloured United Colors of Benetton stroller and a navy blue, lime green coloured Adidas backpack. I had kept the snacks in a red Arsenal grocery bag.

I bade goodbye to my mom and left for Bandra Terminus with my dad and brother in our car. I reached the lobby area of the terminus by 10:45 am. One of my classmates, Raunak, had arrived long before, and he said that the train had arrived already, and that it was standing at platform no. 3. My brother waited in the car, and my dad and I dragged the luggage from the lobby area to platform no. 3.

I spotted my bogie, which was B4, and went inside. I saw few of the boys already in the train, arranging their luggage. Shortly, one of the girls from my group, namely Manali, came in too.
After waving goodbyes to our parents, the engine started at 11:35 am. I was waiting for my remaining friends to board the train at Borivali and Andheri, as those stations were closer to their homes and they were to board from there.

My friends got into the train and I was too happy to see them. I knew the fun was about to begin now. We played antakshari, Uno cards, and listened to songs on speaker. After having veg biryani for lunch, we continued enjoying to the fullest.

When it was around 7:30 pm, one of the co-passengers asked us to stop singing and maintain silence, as they had to sleep. We were so furious at them! It was just 7:30, and they wanted to sleep!
The rest of the evening was followed by talks in lower voices. While others were busy drinking, we were sharing ghost stories. The 'nerd' of the class, (Aprameya AKA) Appu, asked me about how I maintain my blog, and we had a good conversation on it for about an hour or so.

All of us also talked about the craziest things we had done in our lives, and thus we unveiled more things about each other. For the IV, only seven of the people from my group had come. All others, with whom I hanged out in the whole IV, were my classmates. I was glad that we had unknowingly made a group. It was quite appealing to know the craziest moments of them.

After spending some great time, I finally rested my body at around 2:00 am, while few others were still awake.

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