October 2015 Goals

by - October 08, 2015

I blogged in train for the first time. I published September 2015 Favourites in train. And even this post was written in train.
I'm back from my Industrial Visit, and it was absolute fun. Here are my October goals:

*Enjoying Industrial Visit
Right now, all I'm thinking about is my IV. One whole week of October I'll be away from my home. I hope I enjoy to the fullest and have fun while on IV. (And I hope, the temperature at the places we're visiting is better than Mumbai's.)

Starting Everything Afresh
Like I told you, everything is messed up right now. I've put too much pressure on myself. I want to start my college, office, and relations afresh after coming back from IV.

Being Studious
I must also be sincere and studious towards my studies and the life in general.

Maintaining the 5 Minute Exercise Schedule
Since two weeks, I've been doing 5 Minute Exercises; they're the best way to maintain weight. They cover all the parts of the body. I've been doing them early morning before drinking water.

Maintaining Green Tea Consumption
I drink green tea half an hour after lunch. Hopefully I continue this good habit throughout October as well.

Infused Water
Since a couple of days, I'm carrying infused water to office. I put a combination of lemon, mint leaves, cucumber, apples, and pears, depending on their availability. I will definitely try new recipes. Infused Water is like an increasing trend, especially in girls*

Writing Travel Diary
I will start writing the Amritsar-Dalhousie diary as soon as I receive all the photos.

What are your October goals?

*Written before the IV.*

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