Add 'Subject' In The Mails

by - October 10, 2015

I'm one of those 'cool' people who are too lazy to write the subject line while sending casual mails. I often send mails to myself for transferring data from one computer to the other. For example, I wanted some pictures for the next post; I mailed myself, and so I got those pictures from my cellphone to the laptop I'm on right now.

I never write the subject line while sending mails to myself, as I'm in too hurry to do the same. But recently I have realized that it is important to write the subject, even though you're sending mails to yourself. When you're segregating your mailbox or just deleting mails of lesser importance, the subject line will massively help you.

I have started writing the subject line, even though it mostly reads '____ pics' and nothing fancy.

Do you skip writing the 'Subject' line?

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