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by - August 03, 2023

By the time you near your thirties, you may or may not have found your soulmate, but you definitely have a skincare routine in place. It took a while, no doubt, to explore different products and finally finding a few that you love and cannot possibly find a replacement for. Or rather, you stop looking for a replacement because these products are the perfect fit for your skin and hair. 

In this blog, I am sharing all the beauty products I'm currently using (and the ones I'm currently lovin'). There are a ton of other products such as body wash, lipsticks, scrubs that I'm using, but well, I'm still trying to figure out whether they can make it to the list. 

With this short and cute introduction, let's jump into the blog. 


Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser 

It's the seventh tube lying on my vanity at the moment. And it's recommended by my online dermatologist friend @roadtrippingdoc. Before this cleanser, I would use the foaming variant of the same brand. However, when I had put up a story on Instagram, tagging Cetaphil at an event I was invited to, the doc viewed my story and acknowledged the products. He further asked me to try the Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser as he and his wife both used it and loved it! And since then, I've not used or attempted to use any other face wash. 

This product is definitely what I swear by since it brightens and softens my skin like no other product. Also, it's been very consistent throughout all these months. (I started using the Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser in June 2022.)

I use the product in the morning during my shower and at night before I sleep and come back from work. On weekends, I use it thrice: morning, evening, and night. 

Price - INR 700 for 100g

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm 

I haven't used the product much because I don't wear makeup everyday. It's just a basic lipstick and mascara, which can be taken off with the Cetaphil face wash without any hardships. But at times, such as on date nights, parties, or even casually when I've worn a liquid lipstick, when the Cetaphil face wash alone cannot take off the makeup. That's when the Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Balm comes into picture. 

The smell is a little waxy but the product is safe for sensitive skin as well. Just take a bit amount on your finger tips and spread it across the stubborn makeup on your face. Take a cotton wipe and gently remove off the makeup.

Most people get away with this cleansing balm and sleep off. But I like to double cleanse, so post this balm, I wash my face with the Cetaphil face wash. 

Price - INR 1200 for 30ml

Biluma Day & Night Creams

I have already reviewed these creams by Biluma (a sister brand of Cetaphil). Again this is dermatologist-approved so no worries there. A few of my friends found these creams oily and sticky, but they're perfect to add glow to my skin. 

Off late, people have complimented my skin and have called me bright and fair. I'm guessing it's either these creams or the Cetaphil face wash. Whatever it is, these creams are definitely the beauty products I swear by in August 2023. 

While I use the day cream anytime after I wash face (before 6pm), I use the night cream for evenings and at night before I sleep. In summers, my AM skincare routine typically looks like this:

  • Wash face with the Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Creamy Cleanser
  • Apply the Biluma Advance Day Cream across face and neck
  • End with an La Shield SPF Gel 40 PA+++ sunscreen (which again is a product I swear by)

Price - Day cream INR 1185 for 50g, Night cream INR 1325 for 45g

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Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner

I had written a blog on Cysteine treatment, which also is one of the most visited blogs so far. In fact, when you type in cysteine treatment or cysteine treatment before and after, you'll end up seeing my short-haired photos across Google search!

I've done cysteine treatment thrice, keratin treatment once, and smoothening and straightening once each. And I loved cysteine for its natural soft look and recommend that. This time again I did cysteine (it's been a month) and the hair stylist recommended the Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo-Conditioner duo. When I first used the shampoo, I found my hair too sticky and hard. But on conditioning them, they were still soft. However, I don't like shampoos that do not make me feel happy so I was sad on my purchase. 

But then, I used the old trick of shampooing. I take a mug full of water and add as much shampoo as sufficient to my hair. I then whisk it using hands to bring a foam and then evenly spread across my hair scalp and length. 

The Olaplex Bond Maintenance Conditioner is your basic conditioner, but the duo works wonders. I'm not sure whether I'll repurchase, but I've recommended these products to my best friend who recently coloured and treated her hair. 

Price - Shampoo INR 3200 for 250ml, Conditioner INR 3200 for 250ml

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This has been a super recent purchase. The only product missing in my beauty routine was the lip balm. I heard of this Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask while scrolling on Nykaa but it was too expensive for my pockets. However, on my trip to Alibaug  in November, I finally tried it and loved how my lips felt. And more than it being a good product for the lips, I loved how it's the "sleeping" "mask", meaning, it completed my requirement of having something to apply on the lips in my night skincare routine. 

My lips had turned highly pigmented and dull, making my bare face look pale. I have used this mask since the last three nights and have loved it so far. My lips have turned pinkish and the pigmentation is reducing. They appear hydrated and soft now. 

I've picked the berry variant in it. I have the 8g tub which retails for INR 600. 

Price - INR 600 for 8g

La Shield SPF Gel 40 PA+++

Honestly, I'm scared to mix sweat, oil and sunscreen as I believe my skin tends to breakout. Luckily, I found a sunscreen one fine day, which hasn't led to any breakout. So even though it's not my favourite product in the world, it is definitely one of the beauty products I swear by in August 2023. 

I take the product on three fingers and dab it on my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. And then I spread it evenly across my face and neck. The sunscreen is quite matte, has no fragrance, and is recommended by dermatologist for acne-prone skin. 

Price - INR 790 for 50g  

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