My Experience with Vitamin C Serums

by - March 25, 2023

Vitamin C serum is one such holy grail product which is recommended by dermatologists as it is packed with multiple benefits. Whether it is the reduction of dark spots or dismissing the early ageing signs, no matter which dermatologist you pick, he/she will ask you to include vitamin C in your skincare. It either could be topical vitamin C or vitamin C supplements.

I’ve had acne breakouts twice in my life: once around 2012-13 when I was studying mass media and I had a horrible breakout, but I had cured it using Ayurveda. The same medicines did not work in my recent-most breakout in 2021 (around the Covid times). I do not know whether using a new brand of makeup affected my skin or using cloth masks or what exactly caused the breakouts. But I tried Ayurveda and other Google hacks, but nothing worked out. 

When I visited a dermat for the same, my acne was reduced and the marks vanished within three months. My dermat (who is honestly my go-to person for any skin problems) had tried out different routines every month and the result was: a clear skin! I was happy to be back with my clear skin, which I so boasted. All I need today is a lipstick and a mascara and I’m good to step out. 

One of the routines which we followed then was the inclusion of vitamin C in my diet. He prescribed vitamin C supplements which I would take regularly. I refused for a vitamin C serum then as I was afraid due to a past horrible experience with a topical vitamin C. 

But then I figured out, maybe the brand was wrong. It was a cosmetics brand who made terrible products that lead to breakouts. They also had introduced topical vitamin C, which I tried and self-damaged my skin. I am extremely careful with the products I use on my skin now as I believe my skin is sensitive. And with my engagement in just four months, I am taking no risks whatsoever. 

I then tried vitamin C serum by a good brand, which did not make cosmetics but only skincare. The Sesderma C-Vit serum, which you can avail on their website and elsewhere (I’ll mention the details below), is soft on the skin. 

I’m nearing my 30s now, and I can see my skin is changing. It becomes rough sooner and I need to apply day and night creams regularly. Also, it is becoming loose and I can notice slight wrinkles on my cheeks and smile lines. Something is surely off so I thought of trying out the Sesderma C-Vit serum, which my friend recommended. 


Topical vitamin C is said to slow down the early skin ageing signs while also preventing sun damage, and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and acne. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which combats free radicals—aka the toxins—that damage the skin as a result of air pollution or due to metabolism. Free radicals are said to harm the skin, but if you regularly apply a topical vitamin C, the overall appearance of your skin is improved.


Vitamin C serum can reduce wrinkles. Applying it on a daily basis for at least three months improves the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles on the face and neck, with an overall improvement in the skin texture and appearance. 

Dermats recommend to use a sunscreen with it as vitamin C serum cannot be an alternative for the same. Vitamin C also helps in reducing the appearance of dark spots as the pigment production is stalled due to the same. 

Additionally, topical vitamin C can help with acne by reducing inflammation and controlling sebum (oil) production in the skin. However, please be careful, and ask your dermat before you apply it as I’ve had bad experience in the past. Also, go for a good brand. 

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Lastly, I would like to mention the benefits of the Sesderma C-Vit serum. Here are a few:

  • Sesderma C-Vit serum brightens and revitalises the skin: You can witness a healthy glow and a youthful skin after regularly using it.
  • Clarifies and evens out the skin tone: You might be aware of how we need colour correction, but this topical vitamin C serum helps out in evening out the skintone.
  • Fights fatigue signs and avoids the appearance of wrinkles: Nearing your 30s means having a bucket full of tensions and the constant fight of pollution, unhealthy diet, and stress at workplace. The Sesderma C-Vit serum helps in fighting the stressed out skin and make it appear a bit more relaxed and joyful.
  • Helps smoothen the skin, while boosting its softness and elasticity: Skin smoothening is the need of the hour because of the constant change in weather. I’m glad the vitamin C serum helps in adding softness to the skin. 
  • Prevents the effects of free radicals as it's an antioxidant: Free radicals are the toxins and vitamin C being an antioxidant helps combat those. 
  • Provides daily hydration: Along with a topical dose of hydration, don’t forget to drink enough water as well!


  1. Cleanse your skin: Use a Sensyses cleanser using a cotton pad. Or if you prefer water-based cleanser, go for Hidraven foamy cream.
  2. Apply a few drops of Sesderma C-Vit serum with a soft massage on face, neck and cleavage. The right amount is four drops, which you need to spread evenly.
  3. You can use the serum at night as well as in the morning.
  4. You can add it to your beauty routine, and ensure to use it on a clean skin, just before any creams. And don’t forget to use sunscreen!

These steps are recommended by brand, but I use my own facewash, followed by two drops on my face and two on neck and chest. I spread evenly and then go for my day cream followed by a sunscreen. It’s a lot I know, but whatever makes my skin appear more youthful!


Firstly, I liked the fragrance as it reminded me of delicate oranges. It’s been a few weeks I’ve tried it and I did notice hydration and suppleness on my skin. However, one drawback (which you will experience in all vitamin C serums) is that on application, you may feel a mild tingling sensation. That’s common. Use it for three months and see the difference yourself! 

However, before buying it, ask your dermat!


You can purchase the serum on their website Iberia skincare or on Amazon, 1 MG or Flipkart websites. It is retailed at Rs 2,850 but definitely worth it, with its brown bottle and cute packaging + tons of skin benefits! 

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