Vanavidhi Green Tea Spa Scrub | Review, Swatches

by - October 23, 2017

I had received this sample in my Reverie Feel Box. What I like about the Vanavidhi Green Tea Spa Scrub is the captivating fragrance. Vanavidhi is a brand of luxurious organic products. So now, let's dive deep into the review of their green tea spa scrub.


The packaging of this sample bottle gives a rich look to the product. The cap is golden and the bottle is transparent; both of it are of plastic. The best thing about this bottle is the reusability; we can reuse the bottle once the product is over. This is a perfect travel sized bottle, so filling it with your daily essentials like face wash or lotion would make it an ideal travel buddy.
The brand name is embossed in gold, which additionally uplifts the product packaging.


For the application, wet your face and your palms. Take a dollop and gently scrub on your face. Massage for five minutes and rinse off using cold water. 


The scrub is light and so it makes for an ideal spa product. The fragrance is refreshing and gives a plush feel after application. The skin doesn't pull off and you can expect a mild exfoliation.


- High-grade fragrance
- Light exfoliation
- Travel-friendly (because it's a sample)
- Classy packaging
- Gives a spa-like experience


- Expensive
- Availability could be an issue


If you're looking for a mild scrub with a heavenly aroma, this should definitely be your pick.


WEIGHT: 30ml
PRICE: Rs. 1599 for 150 g

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