The Highs and Lows of Gokarna

by - October 12, 2017


I stayed at Gokarna's Kudle Beach for a night, and although I did not enjoy the stay, there are a few points that are remarkable when you visit Gokarna. I was to stay here for three nights but had to cut it short due to the unpleasant experience. Nevertheless, if you're planning a trip here and want to know Gokarna in a nutshell, then keep on reading. 

I would like you to take note that since I toured it in September, which is an offseason, and also stayed at the Kudle Beach solely, my opinions would vary than the experiences you would encounter. So, keep this in mind and hope you get a gist of Gokarna.


Gokarna is away from the hustle and bustle and the worldly tussle of the city life. For those living close by, this town is an exemplar of a weekend getaway finding. So zip your sacks with cottony dresses and your throbbing shades and drive in the car to reach here. The excellent time to visit would be the offseason if you wish to seek tranquillity of mind. However, if you want to enjoy the company of hippies and the like, then visiting in the winter seasons is suggested. 

The beaches are principally desolate so sitting along the edge and watching the sun go down would be soothing for your tired soul. The beaches are fairly clean which renders it even better to trot out on Instagram. You would find beach shacks with appetizing food across the sand. I vouch for the Green Garden Restaurant for its international cuisine and scrumptious flavours. I recommend their shakshuka dish, which comes with two pieces of pita bread. 

Another boon is the opportunity to explore. Since Gokarna is not a developed tourist spot yet with no directional boards, you get to enjoy discovering the nearby places. I could not explore around, which I vehemently regret. Just like Goa, even here you can hire mopeds to roam about. There could be plenty of things to uncover if you have the thirst to do so. Unlike other famed tourist destinations, people don't know a lot about Gokarna, which makes the task of exploring much exciting and the chances of the #wanderlust mode being unleashed are higher when you're here.


For some reason, I experienced major unpleasant things here. The Kudle Beach was covered with cows and an army of dogs scattered around. After the dog-bite incident of my college's Industrial Visit to Udaipur back in 2014, I have to admit that I get uncomfortable with dogs around. So having the company of cows and dogs was a bitter reality for me. 

Along with the animals, a bunch of young lads were playing cricket on the sand, which again was disturbing. I had dreamt of a clean, solitary time at the beach, but the nuisances sure did kill the dream.

Apart from the aforementioned, the habitat in itself is slightly shabby, so if you're expecting a plush stay here, then I'm sorry to burst the bubble. The town of Gokarna, especially the Kudle Beach, is a little scruffy, and unless you don't mind the dirt and the discomfort, then it's an ideal place for a short trip. Even the shacks are unhygienic, but again, if you're okay with that, you would be okay with Gokarna.

All in all, for a short trip with friends, Gokarna is a fab place! However, it isn't much fancy if you're with family or visiting as a romantic retreat. (There are some luxurious resorts in Gokarna, so you can check those out for a lavish stay.)

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