Upgrade Your Travel LookBook by Packing More Sunglasses

by - October 14, 2017

Usually, when we travel, we try to cut down the baggage weight so that we can travel light. However, when we do that, we also lose the chance of dressing better when on a vacation.

I don't mean to say carry a lot of clothes and shoes. With this post, I intend to say that carry as many sunglasses as possible. Sunnies have the power of making or breaking an outfit. No matter how sharp the look is, an unsuitable pair will ruin the entire look.

The best way that remains is to carry as many sunglasses as you can. If Outfit A requires cat-eye sunnies, then pack those. If Outfit B requires white overlarge square ones, then put them in the luggage too. You don't need to purchase additional sunglasses, but try to pair the existing ones. If your classic Ray-Bans go well with two outfits, then you needn't worry at all.

On my recent Goa Gokarna trip, I had carried one pair of sunglasses for every look. My trip was 10 days long, but that doesn't mean I carried 10 pairs for every outfit! I had packed four pairs that went well with all the looks I was sporting.

The bottom line is, in order to avoid overpacking, we often lose out on essentials. We pack only one pair of sunglasses and wear those with all the outfits. So the next time you're travelling, make sure to pack as many pairs as your outfits demand. Because in the end, who doesn't love to be stylish on a vacation? (And, sunglasses hardly take up any weight.)

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