Why Packing Two Bedsheets on a Budget Trip is Crucial

by - October 11, 2017

I'm confident that the regular travellers must be aware, but for the first-timers, especially those that are preparing for a budget tour with cheap stay choices, this knowledge is undeniably why you would thank me later.

When planning a trip with cheap hotels that appear less like hotels and more like a dubious shelter, you have to compromise on the well-beingness and instead settle for nasty rooms. These rooms have bedsheets that look a thousand year old and the blankets which are gross enough to be a shelter for a million bedbugs. How to then overcome this problem? The solution is: pack two bedsheets along. 

Spread one of the bedsheets on the bed and use the other as your blanket. If it's winter, draw the hotel's blanket on top of your bedsheet so that you stay warm and additionally, also stay away from the minuscule city of tiny bugs. 

On my recent Goa Gokarna trip, I had to live in two such stays. I was thankful for my roomie as she had two bedsheets with her. If there was no bedsheet, I wonder how I would have let my body touch the dirt. The packed bedsheets, with their fresh aroma – the cherished aroma of the house – is the reason why I had one of the best slumbers in Goa.

So on your next budget trip, packing two bedsheets should be the priority. 

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