You Can Now Shop on Facebook Too

by - January 08, 2017

Hi, hi, hi! Today's such a positive and a pleasant day. I was sick for two days and after a shower in the noon, I'm feeling so good. Also, I've created a Facebook page for my store, so in case you guys are not on Instagram, you can shop on Facebook too. I've put Juice nail polish, in the shade 58, and my nails are looking stunning! And, and, and, my dad had cooked crazily yummy dal-fry for dinner. See, I told ya, I had a great day!

The main reason behind this post is of course my Facebook page. I just wanted to announce that you can now shop on Facebook too. So Like the page and be a sweetheart.

Follow Facebook store > @jocoverve
Follow Instagram store > @jocoverve

Love you all, a lot!

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