Keep Track on Online Shopping By Google Sheets

by - January 07, 2017


I recently have placed an order for some tops and accessories on various sites. There were huge discounts and I couldn't help. What I observed was that nowadays the sites don't send all the products you've ordered at one go, but send them individually. That's because it has different sellers/stores selling on one website. It's great when we put 10 items in the cart, but do you know if you've received all those 10? Are you sure you haven't missed out on anything?

I had shared a printable two days back. It was to keep a track on online shopping. But, in case you're not good with the papers, here's yet another clever way to check whether you've received 'em all.

Go to Google Drive and create a new Google Sheet. Just like you work in Excel, work there. Here's what my sheet includes:

Name of the product. This is just a general idea of what the product is.

Name of the website/seller.

If you've purchased two similar lipsticks (one for you and one for best friend), then write 2 here, otherwise, 1.

If the lipstick costs ₹400, write 400.

If you have purchased two similar lipsticks, write the total of two. In our example, write 800.

The order date is important. A valid point to argue with the company in case they haven't shipped/delivered your product yet.

Write the calculated estimated date.

You often get the message when your item is shipped. Write YES or No accordingly.

Write YES or NO if you have or not received the item.

In case you've sent the item for exchange or have completely returned it, wait until the complete process is done and then write COMPLETE. In case you've not exchanged/returned anything, put a dash (-).

You can try this on an Excel sheet too, but the Google Sheet will keep all your data with you, as it will stay online. You won't shop every now and then, right? You'll place a huge order once in three months. So even if you're too busy, I think you can take out some time to keep a check on whether you've received something that you've paid a bomb for.

How do you keep a track?

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